Director’s Reel: Ashley Maria

New Media - Film - Television

As a Director, Ashley brings award-winning creative vision and expertise as well as an incredible creative team composed of actors, cinematographers, production design, writing, production sound and post design, editing, etc. necessary to deliver the final project.


Comedy/horror and immersive video writer & director

Yes, comedy and horror...

Ashley is known for the Directors Guild of America (DGA) award-winning film Friday Night Fright™, a blended comedy/horror which lead to a coveted mentorship with director Wes Craven, and for having developed the first ever 360 immersive virtual reality Kickstarter update video!

photo by Tonya Wise

Ashley was recently featured by the DGA Women’s Steering Committee as a "director to watch"; representing the future of women in film.

"We truly feel your accomplishment of winning a student film DGA as well as your continued work within the industry will lead to really great things for you as the future of DGA and the entertainment industry as a whole."  Kat Landsberg, DGA Women's Steering Committee

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