My first 360 video, and it looks amazing!

Before we kicked off the Pioneers in Skirts™ Kickstarter campaign, the marketing team and I worked on strategies to drive up buzz for the film. We planned for articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos that engaged with people interested in our topic.

We planned for social media to play a huge role, too. I've been using Periscope to show people what's happening real-time. I then save the live video on my phone to edit and re-purpose when I had to answer a funding challenge: singing with a superhero character on Hollywood Blvd.

I've been trying to think of new and creative ways to engage with people about my films.

When I spoke to Vrideo about helping us make a 360 immersive viewing experience that explained “why this film, why now” -- I knew I was also moving my career in a new direction! Virtual reality video is truly the future, and I plan to be ready.

Vrideo go pro set up

Early in September, followers tuned in on Periscope to watch as I recorded the Kickstarter VR video update using a Vrideo 360 camera set up.

By the way: the set up was 3D printed to hold and record 10 GoPros simultaneously. Way cool huh?

Vrideo taught me what I needed to do, loaned the cameras to the film, and stitched the footage together in post. Not only was it a career-changing learning experience, the end result was AMAZING!

Believed to be the FIRST Kickstarter update video made in the 360-VR format, I couldn't have asked for a better start to my career in immersive video!

Here it is -- what do you think?



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  1. Shawna McDerrick

    Love it! Congratulations on your first step into the virtual reality world — and making your Kickstarter goal!! Way to go!

    • Thank you!!! We are so pumped to finish Pioneers in Skirts – and I’m super excited to tell stories using this new VR technology!

  2. Clara Hilton

    Thx! Glad you’re using doc style to get all that info out into the world. Important topic. And wow, what a great way to show me why you’re doing what you’re doing!

    • All of the information can be so overwhelming – and generally difficult to find unless you know what to look for. We want this documentary film to reach a lot more people and truly engage them in the topic – way more than reading a published study would!

  3. Brian Hobbins

    Very cool to see the ocean and the movie crew in the video. Thanks for explaining how this VR stuff works! Ha! I actually looked up when you said, “look up.”

    • Too funny! It’s really interesting having a crew on a 360 video – because there is no place to hide! Luckily Rebecca, our sound recordist, was fine with being on camera. I also felt it would be fun for the audience to see her since this technology means that you can see everything. We will of course be more creative with hiding our crew in the future if the video calls for it.

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