Wow – that looks like a STUDENT FILM


1. Character looking at their reflection in a mirror

2. Close up on character's feet putting on shoes

3. Following a character walk on a sidewalk to some unknown location

4. Love shown with flowers and kissy kisses

5. Alarm clock wake up

6. Riding on a bus and thinking really hard

7. Unmotivated dolly movements

8. A "car crash" that is just a character reacting to a sound off screen

9. A "gun shot" that is just a character jerking a gun and a frame of white

10. Close-up on a hand opening a door knob

11. A "crowd" that seems to only have three people, shot close to look bigger

12. The VERY unmotivated dolly/zoom to indicate someone going nuts

13. Heartbeat sound

14. Close up of religious item to indicate person's religion

This website also has a lot of great ones.

This list is a collaboration of other student filmmaker friends. The best part? A lot of these shots are in our films 🙂

In my life as a filmmaker, I have done 1, 2, 4, 10 and 11 -- but as I mold my craft, I am learning how to show things a lot better!

The truth is - these shots can work, just do them right!

Any others? Post them below!

2 Responses

  1. Yes they can work. I know. I did 3 and 13.

  2. I’ve kind of got #10 in mine, but no hand… just a close up and sound design of keys.