Thrive organizers: why did we choose them?

I’m not only interested in what the women of Consilium Consulting Group (CCG) teach entrepreneurs; I’m interested in the women of CCG themselves. You see, the goal of Pioneers in Skirts is to empower every woman looking to accomplish in her career - no matter if she’s starting out, returning to work or making a change in careers, like the CCG ladies. I admire that they are brave enough to follow their dreams.


Never give up sloth

We all are given the advice "to stop holding back and follow your dreams." So why aren’t we all doing it? Why aren’t we all astronauts, dancers or world travelers with a revenue building blog? Follow Your Dreams. Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life. But you’ll also be eating PB&J’s for the rest of your life and your children will be “those kids” who smell in class… (My mom just yelled at me for writing this because we didn’t have much money, and I never smelled. So I take it back. Smelly people can come from all walks of life.)

But it’s difficult to follow your dreams.

I know that. I was told I would never make money in the film business. For a long time, I thought the naysayers were right. It wasn’t until my second semester of grad school at USC that I truly believed I could have a money-making career in filmmaking. Plus, I was pretty damn good at it. Yeah, I said it. And guess what? I’m making money at it. Not a lot. I eat those PB&J’s and they’re fine for now, but it’s time for me to take that next step in my career. What exactly is that next step? For me, it’s taking charge of my business and owning my accomplishments. By attending "Thrive," my crew and I will be capturing a valued story of women breaking barriers and taking risks -- but I know I will learn tips about what I need to do to succeed in my career, too!

Read a bit of what Patti Villalobos will discuss in her session at Thrive. Read her Thriving At Work, In Business – be a TRUE success in business blog! #ThriveWomensBiz

I look forward to sharing more updates about the "Thrive" retreat with you as we get even closer to the mid-March date. Can the world slow down for like, a minute? And, when “Pioneers in Skirts” is released into the world (targeting a 2016 premiere - #CrossYourFingers), you can learn more about the event and other ways we found to answer the question, "What Does It Take For Women to Succeed?”

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