USC orientation!!

Okay since I'm so far behind on posting for this past week...thanks to the lack of a camera charger...I will get back to my stories of the road trip later.

USC Orientation!!!

I woke up this morning at 7am. Oh wait... let me start from the beginning...

Last night we were getting our lives finalized for an awesome orientation day. Barb (the roomie) was setting up her new lamp. WOW I was hanging up clothes WEE and Dave was putting together various table kits WOO. Then the noise started. What noise you ask? Oh no not the scary men on the corner. Not the loud and obnoxious dogs. That was our Wednesday night. Our Thursday night however was filled with joyous latin music from the bar across the street. It got louder and louder to the point where I could barely hear Dave talking to me from the seat over.

Check out the video:

Around 11pm the music ended and we all went to sleep.

At exactly 4:50am I heard an awful, awful noise. I first thought it was my dream. But the noise continued. I was awake. I looked around and realized it was the rooster. Yes, we have a rooster that lives on the street. We don't know exactly who it belongs to, but it wanders the road...and keeps me up at night. Let's just say, the last rooster that kept someone up in my family had his head chopped off...thanks to my loving Oma! sigh...just loved those days on the farm!

Back to the story...

We woke up at 7am. While Barb slept, Dave and I made coffee and poached eggs. The coffee of course was made with my brand new coffee maker! And the eggs were made with a microwaveable tray my mom gave me. Cool! Easy and quite good.

Barb and I got beautified, took pictures, and walked to school. I did not feel like this was the first day of class though. I was excited to meet my classmates, my teachers and see the space we would be working in. Granted it was orientation day...but still! Classes start Monday...

me with our "flag"
me and barb
the walk to school aka the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

The first orientation consisted of a few logistics of scheduling and advising. What we learned: apply to be a student advisor, don't get stressed out, meditate or do yoga, and liquor is not always the answer. --- I love this place!

Then we all went off to lunch. We went to a place called "The Lot" on campus, which was like a cafeteria but a bit smaller. I had Burger King (trying new things!) and joined the crew at a big table. There were about ten of us that made it to "The Lot." We discussed movies, each other's film experience, our terrifying USC interviews, and the upcoming weekend. All in all an awesome lunch!

Then came the dreaded ID card...the picture that would last us a life time. Sean, a fellow classmate, cheesed so hard (smiled intensely) they had to take the picture three times for it to look right. Ha! My ID picture was cool but they gave me an undergrad card instead of a graduate card. That's on the to-do list for Monday!

We wandered campus until 3pm where we all met up at Norris Theatre. Here is where we were warned on fire safety, proper weapon use, animal rights and minor laws and to NEVER argue with the LAPD. It was pretty much a run down of what resources we have and how to properly use them. Cool! Joe and Rob were the main instructors and they were hysterical. I already know the faculty here is awesome!

I have yet to buy USC swag, but I plan to do that tomorrow with Dave. I will also purchase a USC MOM shirt for my dear momma.

Tomorrow is the dedication of the new George Lucas/Steven Spielberg buildings and Barb and I will be going. We will be all kinds of dressed up and have cameras/business cards ready.

Good night from LA -- I'm tired and still on east coast time...

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  1. What, no earthquakes yet? My brother had several during his years living in LA. Cool stories. I’ve enjoyed reading this week.