The neighborhood rooster

Film school is hard. It is tiring. Imagine waking up to this every morning.

This is the view from my bedroom window. Seriously!!

Notice the "sigh of pain" at the end? That "cocka-doodle-doo" is embedded in my head!

Every morning the four of us film students that live in this apartment building wake up to Mr. Rooster. There are two roosters that live on this street, and I often wake up to them challenging each other. They hide under my car a lot and like to jump out and scare me when I'm minding my own business.

Needless to say, my roommate and I are strongly considering moving out. To Los Feliz, perhaps?

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  1. Anonymous

    I think you have 2 choices. 1. move or 2. get a gun with 2 bullets… 🙂