EC Stewart Designs

Erika, "Shimmer," modeling for EC Stewart designs ( The bracelet was specially made for Erika.

Partnering with EC Stewart Designs

Lisa Stewart of EC Stewart Designs provided accessories for my USC directing project, "Super Egos" written by Karl Williams. It is a short film about Gil, a published therapist, and his assignment to work with a group of super heroes and their feelings. Needless to say, it's a comedy!

Her accessories were worn by "Shimmer," the only female super hero in this group of men with the power of invisibility. I thought to myself, "how can this super hero be chic when we actually get to see her?" Luckily she is visible for most of the scene - minus a mishap in the beginning of the therapy session...

EC Stewart Designs provided us with accessory options for Erika, who also starred in my short film "Friday Night Fright." Lisa sent multiple size options for Erika and even made a specialized bracelet for her - shown on her left wrist. I decided to use the multiple bracelets and make them wristbands for "Shimmer." They really made her sparkle! 🙂

Close up on matching purse, belt, necklace and bracelets. I adore the red!

Erika as Shimmer in the short film, "Super Egos." She is one of five members of a famous super hero group that has been in talks of splitting up. Gil, a published therapist, has been called in by the government to save the crew!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the designs please either contact me via my website: or visit and order from her directly...and mention "Super Egos" when you do!


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  1. Gorgeous jewelry and accessories!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Ashley! I had such a great time working with you and hope to do it again, soon!