It’s nice to meet you…or is it?

Alright friends. I am daring you. NO. Double dog daring you...(triple?)

double dog dare

I dare you -- The next time you meet someone, shake their hand and say "It is nice to meet you," -- I want you to mean it.

The "Nice to meet you" is becoming generic and insincere. Similar to the "How are you?" No one really wants to hear how I am doing!

I'm done with people saying "nice to meet you" while not even looking me in the face! I find myself trying to stay in their gaze if only just to entertain myself. It's nice to meet me? Are you sure? Because as far as I can tell you are just working the room, fella! And in this industry, sincerity is a lost trait.

I'm done with it. I'm over it. And you should be, too.

Don't just try to get the "hand shaking" out of the way. Try to really MEET people. This is, after all, your first impression.


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