Interviewing Kevin Smith…AGAIN

I got to interview Kevin Smith...AGAIN! Check it out here:

Huffington Post Live has been good to me. My head pops in at about 8:30 minutes. So grainy. I filmed it at about 6:30am with a ton of lights pointing at me, but it still looks terrible!

If you've been reading my blog for the past 4 years ( haven't??), then you'll remember I interviewed Kevin Smith back in 2011 on his Smodcast radio show. Avid grabbed a group of film students to interview him about directing and other fun filmmaking questions. He sang "girls on film" to me in his excitement of seeing a female director. Look at me! I'm a girl! This Huffington Post Live interview marks the second time Kevin Smith has congratulated me on being a female filmmaker. Can we just be friends now, Kev? Cool?

What do you think of the question I asked him? I asked him about fundraising to make my first feature. I agree that you need to just do it, but I'm not ready to go into even more debt. Thanks USC. I hope to get my movies funded! Key word... "hope." But you also need to believe in your projects enough to put in your own money. And baby, I've been believing for quite awhile!

Oh, you want to buy me a coffee? I will never turn down a FREE coffee. Never!

I'm a poor filmmaker.

Love, Ashley

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