I’m asking for your contribution

It takes just 2 years before women are drained of ambition for their career.

Let me reiterate that in pure "listen to me" fashion:
Burn. Out. Only. Two. Years. What?!

That's ridiculous.

I'm asking for your contribution to help me and my team finish this much-needed film.

Pioneers in Skirts is a feature documentary that will show how we ALL can play a role in identifying, confronting and resolving the sexism and bias women experience throughout their lives.

Study after study has uncovered, despite a deep and growing push of women's empowerment, levels of engagement and drive decline as women age.

It's starts earlier than you think --

Girls grow up knowing, “I can be anything I want to be if I just work hard enough,” but as adults, they experience a workplace–reality filled with cultural and systemic challenges they aren't prepared for.

They are shocked by it and question what they did wrong; wishing they could just 'deal with it' or 'fix themselves.'

What many young women don’t usually realize:
IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT. They aren’t broken.

It didn’t take a documentary to know that the past 40 years of conventional advice to women hasn’t closed the workplace gender gap, and won’t close it.

It does take a documentary to show us how to we ALL can impact change.

Pioneers in Skirts is a documentary film following me (Ashley Maria) as I take the viewer on a nationwide journey to reveal the biases and obstacles women face as they pioneer their career paths, what can realistically be done about them, and how to dramatically change the outcome for the next generation.

Why we need funding, why now?

Right now, my team and I are editing around the clock to get to a fine cut. We work our day jobs and then rush home to work on Pioneers in Skirts.

In a climate of increasing coverage and conversation about inequalities among women and men in the workforce, we are feeling the pressure to complete the film. We want others to experience what we’ve seen and learned first hand.

In the film -- as ideas are exchanged and revelations made, and as I apply the lessons I have learned we bring the viewer back to how bias and sexism starts. Through this, we also ​see how women and men can instigate change early on for the next generation of pioneering women.

We are in the most intense part of documentary movie-making: post-production... the most expensive part of the process, too.

To get this far, we've reached out to professionals for deep discounts and have bartered with friends...and today we know that if we can raise a bare minimum of: $42,966, we can finish the film!

Yeah, that’s a lot to raise, but we simply can't complete the film on our own.

Funds raised will help us complete:

In addition to all of this, we need to purchase insurance and film festival rights.

Post-production costs add up quickly!

And remember, no donation is too small. It'll take every penny to make this happen. So thank you ALL in advance.

We need this movie more than ever!

We tell a story of how we ALL can identify, confront and resolve the sexism and gender-related bias women experience in the workplace. This film must be finished.

I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide,

Ashley Maria - Director, Writer, Producer

Sponsors Can Help Too!!

If you are a philanthropic business on a mission to create a gender-balanced workplace find out how you can support the film!

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