My first published reel

You can now find my first published reel here. Or visit my profile here.

I am applying for internships and it is best to have a small taste of the kind of work I have done. Employers will visit my site (hopefully!) and choose whether or not to bring me in for an interview. Summer internships are the key to expanding what you are learning in school as well as your resume. Many great full-time jobs come from summer internships.

The first film in the reel, "Stuck", was shot at USC as my second project. I did a story about a man who is in a hurry to leave and his keys run away from him. I decided to show the storyboard aspect of this stop-motion animation so the viewer will see my process of creating the film.

The second project is actually my first project at USC. It is titled "Gardenia" and involves a woman in an abusive relationship. She is forced to find a way out, and we learn through visual storytelling that she is actually killed during a fight, thus being her only way out of the relationship.

Two very different stories. Two very fun stories to tell.

I hope you enjoy!

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