Car on fire!

I was driving home on Jefferson yesterday and saw a huge black smoke cloud billowing from the ground. I assumed it was the plant on that side of the road. As I got closer, I noticed a car on fire. There were a few cars in front of me that started to slow down and go to the left of the fire. We were all inching forward to see if it was safe to go around the car. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture. The second the camera snapped, something shut up from the car about 100ft into the air and landed near all of us. At that point every car made a U-Turn in the middle of the road and chose a different way of going home.

Before I drove away, I looked around to see if anyone was helping. Cars had stopped on the left side of the road. I couldn't tell if they were trying to help or simply watch. I also couldn't tell if the people were out of the car. I did see some people in the middle of the road running when something shot up into the air. I'm not sure if they were from a stopped car or not. I hope they got out!! I have been searching for news reports but so far I have not found anything.

I quickly drove into a neighborhood that took me to another part of Jefferson. A fire truck passed me as I drove away. I felt like giving them a thumbs up and pointing towards the fire, because, yes, I saw what they were rushing off to!

There have been a lot of reports of vehicle fires lately. Mainly due to the rise in temperature. The hotter the days, the more your car works to pump A/C. Also, if someone does not maintain their car, the rise in heat will affect the engine.

Once I passed the car on fire, I turned off my A/C and rode the rest of the way home with the windows down. It was actually quite nice.

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  1. Christian

    Windows down work best!