Blogging & the past few months

When I began this blog, I gave myself two guidelines:

1. It’s not a journal - like those web-journals we had in school. People just wanted to hear gossip…ugh.

2. Update it at least twice a month…no matter what. (and more if it would bring in an income...until then, you'll find me on set)

The last you heard from me was October, because - I feel - nothing much had happened in November…and then December. I had no stories to tell and no new conclusions to share. And then, January happened.

In January, I interviewed the University of North Carolina’s women’s basketball coach, Sylvia Hatchell, for my documentary Pioneers in Skirts. [Click here to learn about my beginning stages of making the film. Also, keep up on Twitter and Facebook to follow the film’s progress. It’s my first feature, so I know I will learn a lot…maybe too much at one time??]

I totally geeked out while preparing the interview at UNC. I walked around Coach Hatchell’s brand new office staring at the pictures. I even snapped a few of me holding a trophy. Wow… it was heavy.

UNC Trophy

And then she and I met. We chatted about women, UNC and careers. I was loving every minute! It was a great interview for the documentary - but, most importantly, it was inspiring.

Then I flew back to Los Angeles, bought sound gear to continue paying for rent…and life was good.

Just when you think your life is going great – everything is in place, you know where you’re going and you know how to get there – life reminds you that everything is uncertain.

My grandfather was sick but never that sick. He had been in the hospital before. The doctors would always figure it out and then he would be back home in upstate New York working in his garage.

One weekend, he just kept going back and forth into the hospital. We didn’t think anything of it. This had happened before. That Monday though, January 21st, he died. I got the call from my Mom and my heart stopped. I was in a state of shock. “Are you sure?? Go back and check!” But of course it was true.

I sat in silence when I got home. And then the tears came.

I had to work the next day and thank God I could wear my sunglasses. My eyes watered every chance they had. I took this photo of a bear I saw in the person’s house where we were filming. It was exactly how I felt.

Sad Bear

I flew to New York the next day. Cancelled all my work and flew to Watertown, New York for the funeral. It was 14 below zero up there. The snot in my nose froze. Seriously. We literally could not let ourselves cry while outside. That was interesting...

This is where my story ends. I’m crying just typing this part, and if I try to relive those 5 days in New York, I’m afraid I will never post this blog. Instead I will remain on my couch crying.

So ummmm I’ll transition.

Side note: I do have an interesting story about Southwest Airlines and my grandpa, but that story will wait until I have the guts to write it. Hopefully soon.

Since traveling back from New York, I have felt always a week behind. I’m trying to catch up. I’m in the development phase of Pioneers in Skirts – currently applying for various types of financing, including grants. I’m also finalizing a short, Business & Professional Women; A History, A Movement to screen in June at their state convention in North Carolina.

I’m doing a lot of production sound work now that I’ve purchased my own gear. I love doing it and am lucky to have found an avenue to make money while remaining on set – a place where I excel and continue to learn. [Click here for some advice I have for employment in Los Angeles.]

We will see what the coming months bring, and I will stick to my two guidelines for this blog. See above if you have already forgotten them…

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