Arrival in Berlin

Apparently they do not believe in air conditioning here. Or benches.

I have imposed myself upon a café – too afraid to purchase the over priced water. I have a 5 hour layover and will spend most of it sitting here illegally.

I felt like I was 4 again when we touched down in the airport. I was smiling the whole descent. And pointing my toes.

The man checking my passport could not fathom my one month stay to study at a University in Berlin. He gave me a smile, looked at my picture, looked at me, looked at my picture. I had a fever the day that picture was taken! I said “Danke,” my first German word in Germany.

Luckily for my seatmate and I, we didn’t have a middle person so it was a rather comfortable flight, although I did get quite anxious about 7 ½ hours in. Good Luck to my family as they move the 24 hour plane flight to China!! I will be forced to fly that in a few months.

A lot of people smoke here, I’ve noticed in my one hour. I guess they’re not as uptight as us! Or health conscious…

Hopefully I will have internet access soon. It feels weird not being able to dial up at the drop of a hat. These blog entries will probably all show up on the same date when I finally get internet access. So the date is: July 19th, 2006. 3:33 a.m. Eastern and 9:33 a.m. here.

By the way, I only slept for maybe 3 hours on the flight. Melatonin and Sigur Ros really help one get that needed rest.

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  1. im glad you are liking sigur ros!