360 filmmaking can be affordable

What are the elements that go into making a 360 video? Well, what IS a 360 video?

In short, a 360 video is made with a camera that is able to capture 'everywhere.' It is able to see and record everything that goes on around it. It's challenging to filmmakers since we are accustomed to guiding the audience with our shots, angles and edits, but it is also a welcomed change to a world that is way more connected than ever.  360 videos allow YOU, the audience, to decide where to look. You've got the power! As a filmmaker, I can use sound cues to encourage the audience to look in one direction or another, but what if they don't? Then there must be something aiding the story all around.

This can be expensive for the independent filmmaker - or, so we are told. Sure, some stories require multiple cameras, hours and hours of stitching the footage and rendering, a production and post sound crew and many more experts to get everything just right so the audience will feel immersed. And yes, to be able to afford this for every story, would be the dream!

But what if you simply want to show your audience the full perspective of a moment in time? Creating this kind of empathy doesn't have to be expensive. So, I decided to get out of my head and into the world with my 360fly camera.

360 filmmaking is about giving your audience the full perspective and allowing them to simply be in the moment. This weekend, I marched in Los Angeles for the Women's March, and I filmed moments with my 360fly camera. Those who were unable to attend a march or maybe wondered 'what is this march all about' can see what it is like to be right in the middle of it all. I chose eye level so the audience would feel like they are right there next to me.

After all, these are tools to connect us. They make us think about our own lives and how we relate with each other. And - in more ways than one - they allow us to see different perspectives. Embrace 360!

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