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Editing a Teaser for Pioneers in Skirts

Filmmaking… It’s Not Always Glamorous

I’m sitting in my editor’s room right now watching her edit. I’m not in her editing bay, I’m in her bedroom. I’m actually sitting on the edge of her bed.

She lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in Studio City and her editing computer is in her bedroom. Good thing we were friends first, right??

Filmmaking isn’t always glamorous, my friends!

5 Days of Editing Non-Stop

We are currently in Day 5 of editing a “Pioneers in Skirts” teaser. We have pulled early mornings and late nights, but it’s looking good! Why such intense editing, you ask? We were invited to attend the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, DC at the end of June and knew we needed to premiere our teaser for this event – but it’s about 2 months earlier than we were planning to premiere.

It was time to power through 14 hours of footage to make a 4-minute teaser. And we did it. Well, we are still doing it, but by the time you read this, it should be done.

I’m from the future to share the teaser with you! Watch below:

Finally for you,

5 ways to survive a marathon of film editing:

  1. Drink plenty of water. We noticed that after 5 days of barely sleeping and forgetting to eat – your mouth gets dry. Like, really dry. We started to think there was a conspiracy in Studio City making my editor’s tap water cause dry mouth; but no, it was the exhaustion. (I’ve been drinking from a water bottle the last 24 hours just in case)
  2. Go home. Yeah, I could have probably slept on her couch to then begin the process all over again the next day, but you need that sense of an “end” so you can sleep. You need that little ritual, so you don’t have a “too anxious” sleep. Maybe I only slept for a few hours, but it let me recharge and prepare for more decision making the next day.
  3. Prepare to not do anything else. I regret not doing my laundry before this 5 day marathon began, but I did clean my dishes, and that has made all the difference.
  4. You better like your editor. Shannon, our editor, and I have been in the same room for 72 hours and we still laugh and get excited! If you don’t think you can spend that much time with your editor, then you better enlist a buffer person or you will kill each other…well, metaphorically.
  5. Skype Screen Sharing. This feature allowed us to share the cut and receive notes in real time with Producer Lea-Ann Berst. Working coast-to-coast is simple when you have technology like this. (You are welcome.)

skype screen grab

Here’s a screen capture from our Skype Screen Sharing. You can see me and the editor in one square and Producer, Lea-Ann Berst in the other watching the current cut.

This has been an amazing experience but editing marathons should be few and far between…I hope!



“Pioneers in Skirts” Heads to Washington, DC

The team behind Pioneers in Skirts™ was invited to attend The White House Summit on Working Families in Washington DC on June 23rd!

Producer, Lea-Ann Berst, will be attending as a “contributor,” and I will be attending to cover the event. As a contributor Lea-Ann will join panels and group discussions to share what we have learned while making “Pioneers in Skirts.” My role is to capture the discussion, the progress.

This is pretty cool, huh? Well, this event is a huge deal.

We’ve learned a lot about the challenges working women of today face. We’ve spoken to the topic experts who have explored the reasons for the slowed pace toward gender equity. We’ve spoken to ‘pioneers’ from around the country who can help define and reveal ways for women to overcome and achieve.

“Pioneers in Skirts” is a full feature national documentary that aims to answer the question, “What does it take for women to succeed in the workplace?” and this summit sponsored by the White House aims to propel a major step toward the answer.

White House Summit

From the Website: The White House Summit on Working Families will focus on strategies to ensure all members of our society have equal access to high-quality jobs. Of particular significance is the increasingly important role of women as breadwinners in working families. Topics will include key issues such as workplace flexibility, equal pay, workplace discrimination, worker retention and promotion, opportunities for low-wage workers, elder care, childcare, and early childhood education.

I am thrilled we are in the same room with these change-makers.
Attendees will be from women’s groups representing the needs of working women and working mothers and families, but many are businesses and individuals – those who feel inclined to act on the changing times. Both men and women will be a part of the discussion because BOTH are equally responsible for creating workplaces that are thriving and competitive in today’s global economy.

This event is a discussion. It’s #timeforprogress.

We see that it is our job to then help implement some of those thoughts and ideas from the summit. Our goal for participating in the discussion is to make sure the story arc of our film captures the summit outcome when it pertains to women and their success in the workplace. The best of the best of those who have an opinion and have something to say will be there. We want to meet them!

I am bringing my gear – and the comfortable shoes – I am ready.

Now, we have to actually get ourselves to the event.

We didn’t find out until Tuesday that we were invited to attend. So, needless to say, flights and hotels are not affordable with only a week to plan. To be honest, this trip is going to cost us $2,000+ and that’s just travel and lodging. Welcome to the last minute travel of a filmmaker!

We are excited to attend and share what we’ve learned.

If you would like us to share our “Pioneers in Skirts” experiences in D.C. at the summit, we sure could use your help! Please take a moment to donate online here! Thank you!!

We see that we NEED to do this. We NEED to be a part of this discussion and put the concerns and learnings that arise during the event in the film. We NEED to discover those answers, those solutions, and share them with our country through the documentary.

We know that we are taking something current and giving it right back to the people who need it the most – today’s working woman, our pioneering women. And we know what we’ve learned so far while making “Pioneers in Skirts” can add value to the summit discussions. We are honored to be there.

Pioneers in Skirts DC

Here’s a screenshot from our interview with Joan Wages, the President and CEO of the National Women’s History Museum, near the National Monument.

Be A Pioneer




Police Pursuits in Los Angeles

As I watch yet another police pursuit in Los Angeles – this one in particular passed within a mile of my house – I felt it was time to share my stories encountering these little Los Angeles wonders.

Police Pursuit 1

My POV of the police pursuit. A safe distance…

I first traveled to Los Angeles my last year of high school – I believe it was the summer after graduation but my mom can tell you better. You should call her.

Anywho, we arrive in Los Angeles, take the taxi to our very nice hotel in Hollywood. Sit on our beds and turn on the 6 o’clock news as we get ready for dinner. And lo and behold, a car chase.

My friends, I saw a car chase my first day in Los Angeles, my first hour!

And it wasn’t just any car chase. It was the one where a bystander saved a young girl from getting hit by the car. And it was the one where they showed the driver getting shot.

There was a police shoot out, and instead of zooming out like they do now, the helicopter cameras stayed close. We saw this man jump out of the car, shoot at the police, run and then get hit by a bullet. I saw his body react to the bullet, shake, fall and then the cameras zoomed out quickly. Yeah, you guys messed up.

Welcome to Los Angeles?

I am pretty sure I have been a part of a pursuit

About a year ago, I was driving down Wilshire Blvd, going to a meeting, and a van pulled up to the right side of me, matching my speed. He so clearly did not want to be blocked in by the car in front of him, so he immediately started pushing into my lane. I didn’t realize it at first. Then he pushed even more. I slowed down and he took that as his cue to completely merge into my lane, pushing me into oncoming traffic. We didn’t hit each other. I pulled my wheel to the left, but I was completely in the opposite lane – in oncoming traffic. Thank God there was no one driving towards me, but I remember not even reacting. Not even yelling “What the F&#*! I just remember watching this huge red van take off in front of me, run a red light, then another. I carefully got back in my lane, like nothing had happened. I remember asking myself, “why am I not freaking out??”

THEN I got to my destination, parked, and there was the freak out. I was shaking, the tears were coming. I closed my eyes and just sat. I’m so not as cool as I thought.

Police Lockdowns

I have looked for alternate routes in Los Angeles many times because the police locked down a street, there was a shooter here, a runner there, a bomb threat up the street. And I just want to go home! Well, speaking of home, read about the morning the FBI raided my apartment complex – no place is safe!

But, we have to live in Los Angeles.

If you want to work in the film industry, then you have to live in Los Angeles (or New York or whatever, but LA has the most opportunity…okay, okay that’s another debate, but I have to live in Los Angeles). So you shouldn’t worry about the next police pursuit that will interrupt your life, you should worry about finding the best Veggie Burgers, or the best Yoga Class (that’s what LA people like, right?).

And, if you want to be in a police chase, then PLEASE do not pick rush hour as the time to run. I always feel so bad for those guys. I’m like “idiot, if you’re going to run from police, start at like 10am, not 8am. Idiot.”

Police Pursuit 2As of right now they haven’t caught this guy – but the different news channels compete for the best shot. NBC has the closest so far – this is their “double zoom” – technical term.

**UPDATE** They caught the guy! And thanks to everyone who asked if I was okay :) The scary man was nowhere near me!



The Day I Went to the Wrong Set …Oops

So…what had happened was…

Okay. Yesterday I was hired to do production sound on a PSA. I was told it was going to be very simple. Small crew in a theater. One actor. Only a few hours. No biggie.

So imagine my surprise when I drove to the location and there were huge signs not only telling me where to park, but also a transportation van to take me to set (transpo-van). You see, when you have a large crew in a city (and a budget), you need to provide them with parking and a way to get them to set that is safer than walking the few blocks.

I figured I must have misunderstood the size of this production, so I unloaded my gear into the transpo-van, parked my car and we were off.

This is what “crew parking” signs tend to look like, but they actually rarely ever say “crew parking.” They usually have just the letters or just the arrow to tell experienced film crew members where to park. It’s their way of making sure strangers don’t just wander to set…or it’s their way of luring experienced film crew members TO come to set – like me. Oops.

Something didn’t feel right but I didn’t listen – and not like a scary movie where you BETTER listen to your instincts…

My call time was 9:30am and it was about 9:25am. But wow, it looks like everyone else has been here for hours!

On the drive we passed 4 grip trucks, a costume truck, trailers and arrived at holding where there were two catering trucks. I must have REALLY underestimated this production. I even asked “Is this us??” and received blank stares from the other two crew members in the van. Hmmmm….

I still haven’t figured it out…

I got out of the van and unloaded my gear. The 2nd AD walked up to me and asked if I was with “stills.” I said “what?” He said “stills.” I said “No, I’m the sound person.” He said “okay, set is that way!” and he pointed. He was so nice. I asked if someone could come out to help me carry all the gear. He said “sure thing” and walkie’d for someone to help Sound (I don’t actually get a name on on set…I am called “Sound” until I say my name enough for people to remember).

A PA (I think) was walking by and she said she would help me. Her name was Laurie I believe. She was so nice. We chatted. She had been on set since 6am (But I thought everyone else’s call was 8am?). I STILL had not realized I was on the wrong set, but I was going to figure it out soon.

About to figure it out…

We joked a bit more and then she asked “Where is all of this gear going?” I said “I’m not sure, I haven’t seen set yet.” “Yes, but who is the gear for?” “ME!” I proclaimed. Could this woman really not believe I was the sound person? She said “Oh, okay” and we walked onto set.

We passed about 3 monitor set ups, a huge sitting area for producers, even more gear and crew – and then arrived to set. This was not a theater, it was a restaurant. Nope, this isn’t right.

We stopped walking, and I said with a smile, “I don’t think I’m on the right set.”

“What set are you looking for?”

I asked, “Is this the Margaret Cho interview?”

“Oh no, this is a Food Network promo…but oh cool, Margaret Cho is awesome!” Yeah she is.

So yes, I was on the wrong set.

I and all my gear had made it onto a Food Network show, but now we had to go all the way back to the beautiful holding area – the one with all the food I can’t have – and wait for transpo to pick me up. Laurie walked me all the way back and walkie’d transpo. I heard their walkie conversation “Oh the sound girl is on the wrong set” Shut up dude, you don’t need to tell nobody!

And the best part? Her boyfriend was the sound guy on their set! She said she didn’t recognize me as someone he has worked with in the past, but she wasn’t sure. She was really giving me the benefit of the doubt in this situation.

Back to my set…

The transpo guy picked me up and drove me to MY set. It was now 9:45am. I was late. I texted the producer “got wrapped up in the other production – be there in 5.” This producer hasn’t even met me yet. Is he going to think I’m an idiot? Ugh.

The transpo guy was very nice. No one really thought much of my mistake. I was embarrassed but more worried about being late. Margaret Cho was supposed to arrive at 10am, and I wasn’t even on set yet.

When we finally arrived at the theater, we saw my mistake. The side entrance to the theater was literally 10 feet away from the entrance to the parking area but not clearly marked. I just trusted the production to take me in the van to set. I think what I experienced was voluntary kidnapping?

Once I got into the theater, I got a little lost just finding the right theater (there are 3 in this particular building…WHAT??). But then I saw other production people, and yes, I WAS FINALLY ON THE RIGHT SET!!! and only 20 minutes late.

I quickly set up. Margaret Cho arrived. Makeup and hair took up enough time for me to finalize everything, then I mic’d her and we were ready to go.

Margaret Cho 2

SEE! THIS is the theater I was trying to find for 25 minutes…

Margaret Cho 1

Which one is the real Margaret? Well… it’s actually hard to see her. She’s in the grey sweater in the background. You’ll have to check out the Anti-Bullying PSA when it is released!

It was such a fun day with a great group of people. It was short and sweet. We all went to lunch at The Federal, had great conversation, good vibes from everyone. It turned into a very relaxing day.

And – when it was time for me to call it a day and go home – I went back to that parking lot, said goodbye to the attendant and drove past all of the Food Network crew cars. Goodbye my “could have been” friends!

So…what I think I’m actually trying to say is…it is really easy to sneak onto sets.

Love, Ashley



The Morning They Yelled Bomb

I think I grew a little bit taller this morning. You know — that kind of taller when you hear the word “bomb” yelled by the FBI…

At 6am, I was awoken by a man pounding on a neighbor’s door screaming “POLICE!” He just pounded and yelled. I mean, now I’m up. Thanks, guy.

Then a woman started yelling “This is the FBI! Open this door!” More pounding. Now I’m scared. This is real.

As I grasped my surroundings, realizing it wasn’t a dream, I heard the word “bomb.” Wait…what?? BOMB??

I couldn’t see a thing in my apartment, and I was too afraid to turn on lights or make much noise. But I knew I had to get ready to leave.

Maybe it’s from the weeks of watching “The Closer” reruns, but I immediately thought “If there’s a shootout – I’ll easily be shot.” So I ran looking for my robe, completely crouched, ready for an announcement of an evacuation. But in the dark, everything looked the same. I had no success finding anything.

And then it hit me, it could explode right now. This could be it.

So I called my mom.

She’s on the east coast so it was 9am there. And she answered the phone so happy, “Hi honey!”

I just kept whispering “The FBI is here” “They’re at my neighbors” “I think there’s a bomb” “I can’t find any clothes” “The FBI is here!” “bomb!”

She said “What? I can’t hear you!”

Oh no mom, I can’t whisper louder, or they’ll hear me!

So I ‘scream-whispered’ “FBI” “BOMB” — definitely not the two words you want to hear coming from your daughter’s mouth, I’m sure.

HallwayMy Hallway

She said “Put the phone down, get dressed!” I did. “Now pack up your valuables and get ready to go!”

Yes ma’am.

I grabbed my computer, but then noticed I hadn’t heard any more yelling. No one saying “Get Out” or banging on my door telling me to leave. It had been a few minutes since I heard “bomb” and nothing happened.

Just then, my pillow looked amazing. I was on a film set late the night before – surely the FBI and Bomb will understand I was sleepy. Please don’t let there be a bomb…I want to go back to sleep!

I stayed on the phone with my mom for a few more minutes – turning off my air conditioning and fan so I could hear more clearly. Nothing. And now it was hot in my room. Great.

I hung up the phone and poked my head out (even though my mom told me not to…). There was an FBI agent in the hallway (wearing a similar jacket to the one I rented for a film I directed a few years ago…except his was, of course, the real deal). He started to look in my direction and WHOOSH my door was closed. He didn’t see me. I’m a ninja.

I heard someone’s voice trying to explain “something” but I couldn’t hold on anymore. I needed to go back to sleep.

Later I discovered this person was arrested for “probably drugs or something.”


Note to self: time to finally clean my apartment and get organized — for the next time I hear “bomb” in the middle of the night.



My Day Creating a DBA

Quick sum up:

  1. I’m making a movie called “Pioneers in Skirts” with my producer, Lea-Ann Berst.
  2. The concept of the film has been around for 3 years, but we threw ourselves into high gear the start of this year and have been filming tons of interviews and events for 3 months.
  3. I returned to Los Angeles in April to start the next steps for the film…

So, here’s where we are now.

It’s time to start fundraising, and I have learned a few ways to begin this:

  1. Create a relationship with a Fiscal Sponsor to be tax-deductible and therefore eligible for grants (and then apply for grants!)
  2. Create an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) in the movie’s name to receive donations
  3. Create a DBA (Doing Business As) in the movie’s name to receive donations but be less protected because it is still in my name
  4. Launch a Kickstarter campaign

Well, the truth is – we plan to do all 4 options during the lifespan of this film – but you may have figured out our first steps thanks to the title of this blog post…

You see, we are editing a “sizzle reel” (a short 5 – 7 minute video explaining the film and our goals) for “Pioneers in Skirts” to THEN go to Fiscal Sponsors, donors, etc., but we need to hire an editor and a graphics person first to make the sizzle reel. So, basically, we need money to make money.

Interested in being a financial supporter of the sizzle reel? Click here: #THANKS!!

We are holding off on doing a Kickstarter campaign for now. We may do one for finishing funds in the future! But, if you’re interested in learning about my past Kickstarter campaign for my film “Volcano Girl,” click here.

Disclaimer: This is how WE have decided to make our documentary. Do you have other ideas? Other solutions or work-arounds? Please post below! This is our first feature, and the truth is, there is no step-by-step guide to making your movie. I’m writing about what works for us. Tell us what works for you!

We decided to create a DBA as an interim solution. There are so many more factors that go into creating an LLC – there is no “If A, B & C, then you should create an LLC.” Well, I guess if you’re receiving substantial donations, then you should create an LLC, but then you should probably hire a business manager, a lawyer and a tax person so you can just worry about the creative stuff. I firmly believe we will be creating an LLC in the next few months once we have raised enough money to afford it.

In the mean time, A DBA allows a clean paper trail for tax purposes and, if you keep good books on your finances, should be all you need until you can get a fiscal sponsor or need to upgrade to an LLC.

And now… My Day Creating a DBA

It was a warm sunny day in Southern California. Well, actually it was disgustingly hot. Later that night I bought another fan. But, back to the story.

I decided not to create the DBA through LegalZoom or some other online company, because I knew I was going to pay more than necessary – and I knew I wanted to do the research on my own to really discover the pricing and process. I’ve always been the type of person who wants to know exactly where my money is going!

So I very simply filled out the form here ( on the Los Angeles County website. Printed my receipt and drove to Norwalk (instead of mailing b/c that would have taken an extra week or two).

Create DBA in California

This is a screenshot of the LA County website. 

A 40 minute drive later, I arrived at the County Clerk’s building. Well, I missed the turn so arrived at a public library  – but THEN I was at the County Clerk’s building. As I parked, I saw all of these people standing outside with huge silver umbrellas. Above me were signs saying, “Solicitors are Not Employees of the County.” Hmmmm what are they talking about? I would soon find out…

As I got out of my car, I hadn’t even fixed my purse across my body yet, one of those umbrella people was yelling at me. She was about 100 feet away – I couldn’t understand her at all. Once I got closer to the building she told me she would help me through the DBA process. Now, I figured out right away she was one of those solicitors, so I asked questions.

Here’s the deal: When you first create your DBA in California, you have to publish that you have created this new company in a newspaper for 4 weeks and then send a “Proof of Publishing” to the County Clerk, who then sends you a note saying, “yes you are now officially a legal DBA” – in so many words or less.

The process should take about 2 months to complete. Keep that in mind.

These umbrella people solicitors who approach you work for 3rd party publishing companies who want you to pay them to handle all of that publishing stuff. They make it sound like the publishing process is this HUGE ordeal and that you have to complete everything within 30 days or you’re screwed and have to start all over. Wrong. In California, you have 30 days to FIRST publish your newspaper ad – then it runs for 4 weeks – and then another 30 days to send off the proof of publishing to the County Clerk. Once you have this ball rolling though, you can freely start up a bank account or whatever you need to start using this DBA.

So, super long story short, creating that DBA was fun. The guy behind the counter was nice and teased me about how long my real name is – welcome to why I just go by Ashley Maria. And my new umbrella solicitor friend was really sweet and helped explain everything. Once she got to costs of the publishing process, though, I could tell something was up – she was giving me opposite information than what I saw online. And it was the face she made when I said I wanted to think about it that turned me off completely. Not to mention that the second she walked away another solicitor approached me saying he would do the whole publishing process for cheaper than what she said. These people were hustling, and I was in no mood.

I went home, looked up one newspaper that was on the huge list of newspapers the County Clerk gave me and guess what? The process of publishing is super simple – most newspapers have a way of easily doing it through them and they even handle sending off the “Proof of Publishing” – all for a fourth of what those solicitors were asking.

All in all, I saved about $100 doing it on my own and it really didn’t take that much time or effort. Sure, if you have the money, go through LegalZoom and be done with it. But right now, $100 is a lot for me and my movie!

Now, what bank you choose to then create your Fictitious Business Name checking account is a whole other story.

Basically, I hate all of the major banks because of all their hidden fees or charges for stuff that used to be free. I’m not large enough yet to need merchant or payment services – maybe one day. I had to figure out what works for me and for the project at our current state – a young project just starting to really get its name out there. So, I’m going the Credit Union route.

It’s all a learning process, and really the only way you will learn is by doing – but hopefully this blog post at least prevented you from using one of those obnoxious solicitors! (Sorry solicitors…)

Alrighty filmmaking friends – did you create a DBA first for your movie? An LLC? Or is your movie created under an entirely different company? Do you have a lawyer Aunt or Uncle? Are they looking to adopt a new niece? Hmmmm…

Stay away from the umbrella people…






Thrive organizers: why did we choose them?

I’m not only interested in what the women of Consilium Consulting Group (CCG) teach entrepreneurs; I’m interested in the women of CCG themselves. You see, the goal of “Pioneers in Skirts” is to empower every woman looking to accomplish in her career – no matter if she’s starting out, returning to work or making a change in careers, like the CCG ladies. I admire that they are brave enough to follow their dreams.


Never give up sloth

We all are given the advice “to stop holding back and follow your dreams.” So why aren’t we all doing it? Why aren’t we all astronauts, dancers or world travelers with a revenue building blog? Follow Your Dreams. Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life. But you’ll also be eating PB&J’s for the rest of your life and your children will be “those kids” who smell in class… (My mom just yelled at me for writing this because we didn’t have much money, and I never smelled. So I take it back. Smelly people can come from all walks of life.)

But it’s difficult to follow your dreams.

I know that. I was told I would never make money in the film business. For a long time, I thought the naysayers were right. It wasn’t until my second semester of grad school at USC that I truly believed I could have a money-making career in filmmaking. Plus, I was pretty damn good at it. Yeah, I said it. And guess what? I’m making money at it. Not a lot. I eat those PB&J’s and they’re fine for now, but it’s time for me to take that next step in my career. What exactly is that next step? For me, it’s taking charge of my business and owning my accomplishments. By attending “Thrive,” my crew and I will be capturing a valued story of women breaking barriers and taking risks — but I know I will learn tips about what I need to do to succeed in my career, too!

Read a bit of what Patti Villalobos will discuss in her session at Thrive. Read her Thriving At Work, In Business – be a TRUE success in business blog! #ThriveWomensBiz

I look forward to sharing more updates about the “Thrive” retreat with you as we get even closer to the mid-March date. Can the world slow down for like, a minute? And, when “Pioneers in Skirts” is released into the world (targeting a July 2015 premiere – #CrossYourFingers), you can learn more about the event and other ways we found to answer the question, “What Does It Take For Women to Succeed?”



Building the sizzle-reel

As we near closer and closer to March (I know, right? Seriously?), I am proud to share what we are planning next for the Pioneers in Skirts™ filming effort.

Executive Producer Lea-Ann Berst and I are making the documentary movie “Pioneers in Skirts”; focused on answering the question, “What Does It Take For Women To Succeed?” We have recently jumped head first into this film and are giving it all we have – which is truthfully the only way to make a movie. Just this last week, we filmed at the Girls World Expo in Raleigh, NC then moved on to Atlanta to interview Kat Cole, the President of Cinnabon.

We are filming interviews and events to build content for a sizzle-reel that will be used to raise funds to make the rest of the film, and this is set to go live at the end of April 2014. The footage we have gathered to-date has been amazing.

Below is a photo of Ms. Cole and me chatting at her dining room table about movies, career advice and coffee. No big deal.

Cinnabon Kat Cole Ashley Maria“Pioneers in Skirts” is my life.

I dream about it. I even dreamt last night that I painted my apartment wall green to make a homemade green screen for “Pioneers in Skirts” interviews. Of course, in real life, that would just be silly…right? Hmmm….

No green screen needed for this.

With every good documentary comes a story arc that evolves around people who help you tell the story you want to tell. I’m excited to announce that we have chosen to follow the Consilium Consulting Group (CCG) to film how and why they decided to start their new company (follow them on Twitter @ThrivewithCCG). These ladies are all quitting their high-powered jobs to pursue a new (ad)venture in their lives.

thriveMy crew and I will travel to Franklin, Tennessee in mid-March to attend a business retreat for women called “Thrive” – where entrepreneurial women will learn new ideas and advance their skills to really succeed in their career and in their business.

The weekend is designed to help attendees fortify their business knowledge, tap into the freedom of their creativity, connect them to their own intuition, and find support in a powerful and meaningful way with other successful business women!

It will be a place where women can develop powerful networks and meet mentors who foster and nurture the leader in them. I will be attending as a filmmaker, but value having the chance to sit in and take advantage of the sessions. I am extremely excited about the people I will meet!


Continued… Why We Chose Thrive Organizers



This will be the BEST blog you will EVER read! NO, SERIOUSLY!


Look at this picture! They’re ghosts!

disney ghosts

And look at this one!! CRABS! Oh my!



Okay…so maybe not. I mean, if this blog made me some mac & cheese, then maybe it would be the best blog ever… or maybe if it, like, helped me pay my rent.

But I just have to express how TIRED I am of all those super exaggerated Blog/Buzzfeed/Jezebel links that say everything is SO AMAZING. And you will FREAK OUT when you read this. And you NEVER would have IMAGINED this would happen NEXT!!

I bet I could have imagined it. Don’t underestimate me.

These links are usually a buzzkill. Yeah, I said it.

But not this one:

Did you check it out? Pretty SPECTACULAR right? You’re welcome.


Saying everything is so AMAZING, and you would NEVER BELIEVE — that’s like extreme spoiler, right? For example, whenever a friend told me the newest episode of “Breaking Bad” was epic – that was already too much! I knew it was going to be epic, so I anticipated epic-ness. There was no “Oh wow, this episode is epic.” It was just “Yeah, it better be epic because Suzy said so.”

Sad days with those Breaking Bad spoilers… I don’t want to talk about it.

Anyways, give me a break. Please no more of these over stimulated titles to blogs. I click, and then I am immediately unimpressed expecting epic epic-ness. Unimpressed, I say!

Sure, I guess I could just stop clicking on them, but then I may actually miss something epic – and isn’t that the worst of all? Feeling left out? Sigh.

K. Bye.