Why I Love NC – in moving pictures…

Want to hear something super duper cool? No? Oh ... okay.

Oh, wait, you do? Awesome!

So back in July, when I was home in North Carolina, I learned about a contest (from my Mom - she's cool). It was a contest hosted by "Our State" Magazine asking us to make short documentaries showing what we loved about North Carolina. Fun, right?

And today my film was announced as a FINALIST! yayyyyyyyyy!!!!

What would your documentary look like for your home state? 

Making the Movie

I already had my Flip Cam with me - lovingly named "Flip" - and I thought, what if we were talking about everything we loved, and then the camera comes to life and takes his own journey around NC? So...we did it!

I got my cousin Margot (@Justhewayur14) to pretend to be my sister in the video and her friend Monica to film our little intro. We did about 10 takes before we got the timing right. And then I took them to Bojangles as a "thank you." I've actually worked with these ladies before - I came to their filmmaking class to speak about the film industry a few years ago.

Then my mom and I went on a Day trip to Kill Devil Hills where we spent most of  the time filming - but I also ate my first lobster. So that happened.

Besides getting attacked by bees and sweating our faces off (summer in NC!)... it was a great time making movies!

Here's the final video -- What do you think?

And here's a fun 'Cutting Room Floor' extra for you!

I find out later this week if I win the contest... so cross your fingers!



I did not win the contest, BUT I do have future plans for this short NC video... so stay tuned to this website page! Check it, like, every other Tuesday. K?

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