Which one?? “Play for Hope” T-Shirt

A friend of mine from UNC, Brian Beckman, starter an organization called "Play for Hope."
Play For Hope is a nonprofit, Rwandan charity, that dreams of a world where every child, every street kid, and every orphan can have positive adult mentorship and can be given a chance for the future.
He recently held a contest on Facebook, and I won a shirt! So now...I need help deciding... Which one is best?? (I'm leaning toward #6) Vote to the Right ---->
Play for Hope T-Shirt Designs
1.  "Play for Hope" Blue Logo
2.  "Play for Hope" - Women's Blue Africa
3.  "Play for Hope" - Men's Grey Africa
4.  "Play for Hope" Women's Grey Africa
5.  "Play for Hope" Women's Purple Africa

6. "Play for Hope" Logo

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