What is your favorite Robert Zemeckis film?

What is your favorite Robert Zemeckis film?

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  1. Cast Away is my favorite. What? No love for Wilson?????

  2. Richard

    Hey can I ask a random question, got this link from another page about applying to USC thought you may have some kind insights?

    Question 1. Phone interview…Did they call you for an informal interview. I am being interviewed by all the schools i applied to but haven’t recieved a call for the “notorious informal phone interview”. Applied to all the tops but usc is my top did you get one of these calls? If so when? (they should be coming in around now for this application cycle so im worried.

    Question 2: What discipline are you? Is it really so competitive to direct at USC?

    Best and thanks Rick

    btw If I had to Choose then I guess Back to the Future. OR guilty pleasure Zemeckis ROMANCING THE STONE, haha.

  3. Hi Rick —

    Thank you so much for your comments —

    Okay — to the question about the phone calls: I did receive a phone call, but they aren’t exactly the norm. I believe more people have been called these past few semesters because there have been significantly more applicants. Don’t take it as an automatic “no” if they don’t call. It’s not technically apart of the application process!

    Answer to 2nd question: I am following the writing, directing, and sound tracks. It is only competitive to direct advanced USC productions, but most of the projects you direct will be your personal projects.

    You can direct if you want. That’s the bottom line!

  4. Rick

    thanks ashley appreciate you insight, alacrity, and kindness,