What has happened since the first screening of Volcano Girl?

Since Wednesday's class, the editors and I talked about what was working and what wasn't.

The Relationships

The sister relationship between Virginia and Lucy was fantastic. So much so, that we may actually need to rework some elements of the movie to allow their sister relationship to shine through even more. It was fun hearing that on Wednesday!


The comedy was not hitting exactly as planned and that's to be expected in the first cut. Comedy is tough and needs perfect timing to get a laugh from the audience. We certainly need to finesse some of our cuts.


Don't forget, Volcano Girl shoots fire out of her hands!

Our fight scenes with the VFX are actually really strong. We have received some VFX shots the past few weeks from our 2 VFX Houses: FuseFX and 3Sixty Studios - and should have those in final stages by Tuesday.


Andrew Chittenden (aka Chitty) is our official Volcano Girl graphic artist, and he is doing our opening title, closing title and credits. He came to a meeting on Thursday with so many ideas that I literally turned into a giddy 7 year old girl. The titles are going to be amazing!


This is a super hero movie and the music needs to reflect that. Because of the restricted 546 budget, we are working our butts off to get a lot of resources for cheap or free. Musicians at USC cost $20/person and contracting those musicians is a cost as well. Recording at USC is $25/hour. It really adds up when you want a genuinely good score.

Our composers, Alexander Rudd and Zach Lemmon are working with us to make the best score imaginable on a low budget. I am currently referencing a lot of the 'Italian Job' score (the Marky Mark one) which means our composers have the opportunity to make this music very large - which again, is costly. So we'll see!

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