We went to Grauman’s

Grauman's Chinese Theater

This is a video of Barb and me driving to Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. During our drive we caught a glimpse of a music video for the Japanese band "X."

Here is the street view of the music video. Behind me is Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Sherlock Holmes

We went to see the movie Sherlock Holmes. I really enjoyed the film and did not want it to end. It genuinely had me wanting more! The on-screen chemistry between Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law was outstanding -- so much so that Rachel McAdams' character was lost. Another, lesser known actress would have played that role better, I believe. You almost forget she was in the movie! Okay there's my critique. Go see the film and compare it to Avatar, because I am sure that is what our nation is doing!

After Sherlock Holmes, we played in the Grauman's courtyard. This is where actresses and actors have put their hand and footprints in cement. We found Robert Downey, Jr.'s --

**Just a quick note that last summer I had the opportunity to sit next to Robert Downey, Jr. at his wife's USC event. Talk about being completely aware of yourself! Read about it here.


Then we started having more fun with popcorn -- a competition grew over how much popcorn Joel could catch in his mouth. Luke would be the thrower.

Luke Patton and Joel Townsend. Only a glimpse of the awesome times USC students have together!

Luke throwing popcorn over the lion. Not sure if Joel actually caught any.

And that was our night at Grauman's theater. We all dream of the day when we too will put our footprints in the cement outside that theater. I'll probably go barefoot 🙂


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