Volcano Girl: 2nd production weekend

We reserved the parking lot for Volcano Girl's fire element shoot.

Here I am - the Monday after our 2nd weekend of production, drinking coffee and blogging. Yes it's 4pm and I have class at 7pm. I'm going, I'm going!!

This past weekend was stunning. Saturday was the "crash through a window" sequence and fire elements shoot. Sunday was the "fire in bathroom" and "knife through door" sequences. No easy days. Ever.

That man on the ground is our flame thrower pyrotechnic guy - Hutch. He was just plain awesome.

After we burned the painting.

My view of the fire elements. I was forced to sit at the monitor. This was probably one of the only days where it was kind of a bummer to be the director -- I wanted to play too!!

I think our last weekend of production will actually be pretty easy because it's just actors! No stunts, no fire elements, no camera trickery. Just character development -- easy...right??

Improving as a Team

Wow -- I am learning a ton!! This project is incredibly ambitious for the limitations of the 546 class, and I think we're pulling it off. Production design has successfully created massive paintings to burn and fake doors to slice knives through and fake windows to crash through. Utterly amazing.

My actors understand the characters. They're smart, which makes my job a whole lot easier. We receive tons of compliments on our cast - which is 80% of a movie's success. If you can't believe your characters, then you can't believe the movie. We're lucky to have our leads for sure.

Bonnie Kathleen Ryan as "Volcano Girl." We're getting her in Volcano Girl costume for a photo. The photo appears in the news report announcing Volcano Girl's secret identity.


I am amazed at how well our crew is growing as a team. We are making a tough movie and we support each other. Each member of the crew is learning their role as a camera operator, or sound person, or assistant director, etc. Some are in this role for the very first time. It's hard, and I feel we're giving each other the space to learn.

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