A brief sampling of the work I've done


  • Pioneers in Skirts™

    Pioneers in Skirts™

    DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER Coming Soon! Pioneers in Skirts is a social impact documentary that tells the stories of how women with pioneering…

  • Los Feliz: A Musical

    Los Feliz: A Musical

    DIRECTOR/WRITER Short musical. Made for the New Urbanism Film Festival Filmmaking Challenge in less than a week. No, seriously.

  • Every Sunday

    Every Sunday

    DIRECTOR/WRITER Commercial. Superstition is strong in this family. Every Sunday this brother and sister have it out - in the…

  • Modern Homemakers

    Modern Homemakers

    DIRECTOR Short comedy analyzing gender norms in one couple's relationship. A boyfriend and girlfriend whose relationship reverses stereotypical gender roles start…

  • Camp-Off


    CO-DIRECTOR Feature length comedy with the Young Actors Camp.

  • BPW: A History, A Movement

    BPW: A History, A Movement

    DIRECTOR, WRITER The Business and Professional Women's Club began in 1919 and is the oldest women's advocacy group in the…

  • J.U.i.C.E.


    Co-Director Following the Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy (J.U.i.C.E.) organization of Los Angeles. To learn more about Juice, visit…

  • The Moonlighters

    The Moonlighters

    Director A 5 min fundraising video highlighting features in a heist adventure game. The Moonlighters is an action RPG featuring…