UNC Clef Hangers – the outtakes!!

While majoring in Media Production at UNC-Chapel Hill I worked with the UNC Clef Hangers to produce their 2007 - 2008 Concert Videos. After posting the videos on my Youtube account I realized they have become a hit!

The above Outtakes video is compilation of the Fall and Spring videos. The Fall video was filmed and edited in a matter of days before I jumped on a plane to China. We pulled an all-nighter in our editing studio. The Clef Hangers treated me to pizza while we edited. Great guys! Since I was on a plane I never got to see the video premiere in front of the Clef Hangers audience. While creating the Spring video, on the other hand, I made sure we had plenty of time and that I would definitely be there the day of the premiere. It was a very cool feeling knowing over a thousand people were watching a video I produced!

Editing these outtakes was just as much fun as the actual days of the shoots. I had a blast working with all the guys. It was actually hard to find outtakes because the goofier performances were actually put into the final video! I was happy to put this video together for the guys, as well as the Anoop fans! We are all very proud of Anoop, and I want to help out in anyway possible! So if helping means embarrassing him with outtakes...so be it! 🙂 and Go Tar Heels!!

5 Responses

  1. vanessa

    haha.. this was very funny..thanx for posting it ashley.. more power and Goodluck in your career..

  2. Funny stuff! Those guys are too much fun. I don’t know how you did any of that with a straight face! Good luck in LA Ashley! I have no doubt you’ll catch your dreams!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the hilarity, Ashley! And good luck with your dreams. My niece is finishing up the NYU film school this fall and is moving to Hollywood to pursue her dream in film production as well. Maybe you guys will cross paths!

  4. We appreciate the work that goes into making your films. I had thought your subjects were what made them so much fun, but now I understand… it was all about you and your ability to capture them. Isn’t there usually a woman behind the scenes making things happen!? HaHa It’s easy to see how much you love your work… as long as you love what you do, you will succeed!

  5. You rock!