Trojans take over the UCLA Shorttakes Film Festival

UCLA Shorttakes Film Festival

I wandered the UCLA campus looking for the Ackerman Student Union. On my way, I found a parking lot for Vespas.

I had to go to 308 -- but when you walked straight ahead, it took you to a parking lot. I had to call my mom - who is in North Carolina - and get her to go online to help me find my way.

Very pretty campus. And safe at night! (unlike the USC campus...)

The venue - UCLA Ballroom in their Ackerman Student Union.

They had a red carpet for us and took our photo.

The festival was centered on students and their films. "Friday Night Fright" came away with a Finalist award for Best Live Action. We received framed boxer shorts -- I can't wait to hang it up on my wall at home! Evan Matthews, another USC student, was also a finalist and won Best Editing for his film "Arlington Heights." We had a blast yelling "Go Trojans" when our films screened.

Evan and me holding our shorts.

At the end of the night, we ate snacks and met the other filmmakers. A lot of the actors were there too. It was a really nice night.

USC vs UCLA - the Film School Rivalry

Being a USC graduate film student, we are immediately considered pompous jerks by our rivals UCLA. After all, we chant U-C-L-A Sucks. We return that animosity by making great movies. We're too busy to be bothered by such silliness. 🙂

Okay, enough of that. The Duke Blue Devils are the ones I despise. But I did notice a huge difference between the USC film school experience and the UCLA film experience. First of all, UCLA uses copy-written material throughout - especially in music. They also used animals and didn't have to get it approved by American Humane. USC puts heavy rules on us, but we learn the real process of movie making. I know... I'm biased.

Remembering Undergrad

The experience actually reminded me a lot of my undergraduate experience at UNC. It reminded me of the films my friends and I made in undergrad -- where you use your friends and not so great lighting -- and then gorge out on the free food after the screening...after all, you're starving! It reminded me of how Powerpoints were a huge deal for presentations. There were painted wooden boards in the quad for upcoming events. Their cafeteria had a huge television, where you sit, eat, and randomly run into a good friend.... Good times.

Which leads me to a song a friend of mine sent me the other day from Avenue Q - please enjoy - and reminisce with me about your own undergraduate experience.


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