There was a murderer on my roof…I Think

Two nights ago, I woke up at 2am because a person was walking on my roof at my apartment building. Now, this wasn't a normal walk. This was a "I'm creeping up on you slowly but somehow catching up" kind of walk...I think. At least, that's what it sounded like.

Let's just say I've been watching a lot of horror movies lately. I love Halloween, and now that I've moved to Los Angeles - aka Halloweentown - all these scary adventures are at my fingertips. We did 6 hours of Halloween Horror Nights last Sunday. 6 hours of walking through mazes that smell like poo (seriously) and have creepy people covered in blood trying to grab you. Why do we do this?? Why do we like it so much??

I like getting scared, like the rest of these crazed Halloween folks, but I don't want to actually BE scared. I don't want to actually think a murderer is on the roof. I just watched "When A Stranger Calls." I can't run like that girl!

My Made Up Scenario of the Murderer

I had completely convinced myself of an entire scenario: A security guard was walking on the roof, looking for people to shoot. If he sees anyone or anything moving, he'll shoot it - kind of like the stories of shooters in the news.

In my mind, he did not look like this...although his stare does scream "obsession."

He looked like this. Take note of the hat.

I thought to myself in my little bed, "If I call security to tell them someone is walking on the roof, then he'll ask my apartment number. If I tell him, then he'll come and kill me!" Then I thought, "but what if he hears me inside my apartment? Hears me breathing? Somehow the killers can always hear breathing... Clearly the roof isn't that thick. Can he shoot me through the roof? Can a bullet go through a roof? Maybe I should go hide under something. Nothing in my apartment is bullet it?"

All at 2am.

Finally the man stopped walking around - and looking for people to kill - and went back through the roof access stairwell. I heard the alarm as he tried to turn it off. Maybe so no one would know he was up there? No witnesses??

I kept quiet. And he was gone. Then I went back to sleep and had a dream about a bear. Ugh.

The next day, I saw one of our maintenance guys - pretty cool guy - and I told him I thought a murderer was on the roof, or a security guard. So he called and let them know not to walk on the roof again since it's waking the tenants. But nothing was said about a murderer.

So I haven't been proven wrong that this security guard was looking to kill. Maybe he was thinking it on that roof? But lost the courage? Maybe he saw a baby squirrel in a tree and had a moment of remorse? A character arc maybe?

What I did notice, though, when the maintenance guy called the security dudes -- he told them my apartment number, and that I was woken up by the walker.


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