The Three Jaded

This past week and a half have been frustrating in only one department. Not school. Not work. Guys. duh.

Last week, "JOE" was in town to work at a game. "JOE" and I dated a few months ago but it wasn't very long at all and ended quickly...mainly because I was flying to China...and he thought I was going to be there for a few weeks when only it was a week...??... So I wrote off that entire experience as a joke. Because that's what it was. Well apparently he's used to psycho women because everything I ever said to him afterwards he took as a jilted lover looking for revenge or something. "JOE" was in town last week and we were supposed to hang out. Get a beer and catch up. No surprise he blew me off. He told me he wanted to hang out with his friends instead. Remember....that time...when we were friends? I guess I get over things a lot quicker than some.

Second. The Nice Guy who turns out to be just as big of a jerk as the rest. "BILL" and I have been talking and hanging out. Nothing serious. We had plans last night to see a band. He told me he was sick. Okay...then why did I see you out at bars later that night sweetie? I probably wouldn't have been as upset but one of his friends ratted him out to me, telling me about all the girls he's playing. Glad I didn't touch that. It was a cool feeling when he went to hug me and talk to me and I did a nice spin to get away from him. Katy can reenact it for you. Just ask.

Third. The asshole I JUST want to be friends with. "TOM" works with me on a school project and we've never really been friends. After a few unfortunate events I decided I would attempt to just be his friend. Nope. Not allowed. We hung out once and there were moments of fun and moments of awkwardness. Not a comfortable situation. There were other people with us and he would change his persona based on each person he talked to, so maybe that's why it was so strange. And then the 2nd time we were supposed to just hang out...I was blown off. He was supposed to call me as he was heading somewhere and I did not receive the call. I did, however, receive an email from him during that time referring to our school project. I just thought to myself, "he really is an idiot or an asshole."

Which brings me to my final thought: "All a girl really wants is a guy to come along and prove to her that they're not all the same" - Marilyn Monroe.

Truer words have never been spoken....I just wish it was said by someone different...

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