The Stew’s

My second week here I was standing in the cafeteria waiting for my friend to get food. I had already bought my food and must have looked lost because as I stood there this guy waved me over and said I could sit with them. So I did.

They were two guys sitting at a huge table. I didn’t know why they were by themselves. I saw their luggage sitting next to them, so I asked why they were here. One looked up and said they had just been on "First Take," a show on ESPN that records in the mornings. I said "oh sure," with a smirk because I clearly had no idea who they were. I think they found that amusing.

They proceeded to tell me how they host a radio show in Atlanta about sports and fly up to Bristol, CT at least once a month to do the show. I met their producer, Shaggy. His name rang true!

Ryan Stewart and Doug Stewart – the 2 Live Stew’s:

A few weeks later I saw them again and they remembered me! Ryan is definitely the more talkative one --- the flirt (that’s what it says on their website!). I’m still supposed to take Ryan around Hartford. I’ll show him the town! I hope to visit them in Atlanta one weekend, so I’ll definitely keep in touch.

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