The 10 Celebrities that would make me FREAK OUT if I met them in person (FYI)

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After watching Rowan Atkinson last night in the Olympics ceremony, I immediately turned into a giddy little kid remembering the days I watched "Mr. Bean." I LOVED Mr. Bean growing up (especially the Christmas episode with Baby Jesus and the Dinosaur) and I thought to myself "Gosh, I would FREAK OUT if I ever met him!"

On that note, here are the other celebrities I would freak out to meet:

(in no particular order...don't worry celebrities!)

1. Steve Martin (The Jerk is one of my favorite movies)
2. Bette Midler (My mom and I would listen to her music all the time)
3. Rowan Atkinson (yeah, yeah you knew that)
4. Trey Parker & Matt Stone (South Park creators! ...obsessed!)
5. Any member of the Backstreet Boys (I was obsessed with Nick Carter when I was 12)
6. Tina Fey (do you have to ask? she's awesome!)
7. Rachel McAdams (I just want to be her friend)
8. Conan O'Brien (I want to be friends with him too)
9. Tom Hanks (oh wait...I did meet him! and slightly spazzed...)
10. Barack Obama (is he considered a "celebrity?")

Being in the film industry, I want to "play it cool" when I meet celebrities, but these 10 would just make me geek out. I'm sure there are more too, but we'll stick with these for now.

What celebrities would make you totally lose it??

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