TEDxUSC screening

"Friday Night Fright" screened at the TEDxUSC event to a sold out audience of 1200.

The cover of the TEDxUSC "Ideas Empowered" program.

This is a scanned image of the program. My friend Konstantin screened his film, "Amelle and Alchemy," as well. Both received amazing feedback!

Sitting Front Row

We sat in the front row, which gave us an amazing seat for the presenters.

The presentation before "Friday Night Fright"

Al Seckel, a cognitive neuroscientist, gave his presentation just before "Friday Night Fright" screened. It was so fun to follow his amazing presentation that blew everyone away. I met him later at the reception and asked him if he liked the movie. He said yes! We then took a photo together, and I screamed out "it's our day Al!" I think he thought it was funny 🙂

Al Seckel and me at the Town and Gown reception for TED.

Finally -- Friday Night Fright screened!

The program does not tell you the schedule of the event, so I wasn't entirely sure when FNF was going to screen. The lights went dark and the FNF music began to play. My mom quickly grabbed these photos during the movie. The best part is the audience reaction, so I tried really hard to hear everyone when FNF screened. I did hear someone say "this movie is hilarious!"

The view from the audience of FNF.


The TEDxUSC organizers focused on promoting the event through Twitter and blogging. They told us to use #tedxusc to twitter about the event.

The screen before the event started telling us how to blog and tweet about the event.

@USCedu Twittered about Friday Night Fright to their followers. Many people in the audience saw this and retweeted to their followers -- it was a twitter kind of day!

Other Presentations

Ok Go introduced their video that Adam Sadowsky and his team at Syyn Labs created. Check out the video here. They had 10 commandments for how the video was to be created, one included that it must be like the Rube Goldberg machines. It took them 85 takes with 3 successful runs to get this video right. Absolutely amazing!

Paul Frommer, a USC professor and inventor of the Na'vi language in Avatar, taught us a bit of the language. It was fun hearing everyone in the audience try to speak it. We learned how to ask another Na'vi out on a date!

The Break & Receptions

Waiting outside during the break. They didn't have enough food this year, so we were starving! We attacked the waiters later that day at the reception because we were so hungry.

Jen Van Horn and I pose for a TED photographer. Maybe we'll see it on the website?

We had an amazing day at the TEDxUSC event and I was so honored to be apart of it.


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