ESPN summer house

On June 15th, Summer House was filmed on the ESPN Campus. Summer House is a reality show about new football recruits from various colleges. Greg Little, a UNC recruit, was one of the guys. They compete against each other in various events to win money for charity. They also stay in a house in New Jersey for a week and have their lives taped!

The show was produced through EOE, my department, so I asked if I could PA. I ran over and my main job was to hold open a door so the guys could run by. They were acting as if they were production assistants for ESPN and running a large number of tapes from one part of ESPN to the next and then trying to find time code. Kinda funny. So I stood in this one hallway, talking to Ben another PA, and waited for them to film.

One of the guys dropped his tapes everywhere at my feet. I felt so bad because I knew I couldn’t help him. Needless to say, he did not win!

The guys then went in to the Digital Center Screening Room to talk to a Sportscenter anchor…I think it was Trey Wingo…I can’t remember …about their performance. Us PA’s just hung out while the guys did stuff the rest of the day. We pretty much had to lug equipment around and clothes.

The best part was when Stuart Scott went to meet the guys and of course he talked with Greg Little about UNC. I wanted to jump in so bad to meet him, but I’m sure I would have gotten in trouble!

We got free dinner so that was nice! I still keep in touch with Greg so I’m looking forward to our first football game on Sept. 1. GO HEELS!!!

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