Summer blockbuster, Transformers 2 – worst movie of 2009?

Most film students will agree -- "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" was the worst movie of 2009. So why did it bring in record breaking sales in the box office? My theory is the time it was released. People wanted a fun action movie to take their minds off their stressful work weeks. Ben Hoffman from Current Television explains it best here.

So why am I giving an entire blog post to this movie? This upcoming Monday night, Sony Picture Studios is hosting a night with Michael Bay. He will discuss the sound design of Transformers 2. Next semester, I too will begin my venture into the art of sound design, so I personally feel like this event will be interesting. Most are going for the laugh factor (well, me too).

Every film student's dream is to see Michael Bay talk about sound design for Transformers 2. Why is it our dream? Because it will be the most entertaining, ridiculous spectacle of male testosterone and explosions in one sitting. I can't wait.

South Park shows Michael Bay best here.

I went to a similar discussion back in October with the sound design panel from "Star Trek." JJ Abrams, one of my favorite producer/director/writers, discussed the development of different sounds, including the roar of the monsters. If you listen carefully, it's actually a boat engine! His sound mixers/developers put their ProTools session on the huge screen behind them and walked us through. I was with other USC students and we were definitely "geeking-out" over the ProTools session!

This is an example of their ProTools session. Behind them is the scene when Kirk runs from the snow monster. All those lines behind the film is the ProTools session!

Here is a photo of the entire Sound crew for "Star Trek." JJ Abrams is in the middle.
There you have it --I can't wait for Sound Night with Michael Bay!!

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