September 11th, 2008

I'm sitting in my office, remembering back seven years ago. It was a "flash-bulb memory" according to my professor in college. A memory that remains absolutely clear in your mind forever. I was sitting in a seminar for my English class when it happened. We had no idea. I walked to my Drama class and people were mumbling something in the halls. Those who were daring enough to check their voice mail messages in a high school hall way knew before me. I walked into the theatre and saw everyone crowded around a tv. They told me what happened. We watched as the area around the two towers filled with smoke. My teacher brushed us away from the television, forcing us to begin class. Of course, no one could pay attention.

I had lunch afterwards and sat as close to the television as I possibly could. A friend informed me of what happened during the hour and a half I sat in Drama class. I got so angry. These people crashed into our buildings, killing our people. I was so angry. If a recruiter had walked up to me at that moment I would have joined the army without a second thought. I wanted to get the bastards who did this to us. I wanted our troops to find the person who did this and hurt them/kill them.

But after seven years....they're still there. Now I have no idea why they're still there. To restore democracy. Cool. Great. Did I agree to this? No. Kill Bin Laden then come home. That's what I agreed to. Oh you can't find him? And you're killing thousands of troops in the process? Hmmmm. Seems like an easy decision there. When the death toll in Iraq surpassed the death toll at the 9/11 attacks, why didn't someone say "Let's rethink this!" I understand there is so much more to the decision of remaining in war, but America is falling. Since 9/11 we have crumbled. Some say China will surpass us as a world power. Good job Bush. Enough is enough.

I support our troops. I support their every move, but not because I believe in the war, but because I believe in them as individuals. These people will die for our country and there is no amount of thanks I can give to them. Now I support them coming home to their families. Get the job done and come home.

In this day of rememberance, I look at the past seven years as well as the day of the attacks. I hope that the candidates do the same. I hope they don't take this day as another day of campaigning. This is our country's day. Be an American today. Please.

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