ESPN Rookie Camp Day 2

This was our official Rookie Camp Day -- June 5th. All of the interns from around the country flew in for the day. I went into work at 9am to meet more people, including Bethany who would become my go-to person for most of the internship. She and I worked on the Best of Mike & Mike so I was able to tell everyone that something I edited and produced was going to air that day. We were in our seminar so we missed it. But still, it's cool.

At noon we all went to this nearby hotel for catered lunch and Stump The Schwab with Howie! I had no idea who he was at the time so it meant nothing to me. As the day went on, we talked to him more and more. He really is a genius. I mean, who knows who the last 14 schools to win the National Basketball Championship were? Or their coaches?? Two guys made it to the final two - Kelsey and Michael. They knew so much that Howie was ready to give the mic to them!

After the fun and receiving of cool gifts we had the real discussion time. All the HR people came in and had different presentations on topics such as sexual harassment, diversity, payroll, etc. Two women also came to discuss ESPNU. They are trying to make this channel known to more people and were asking us to apply to be representatives at our various schools. Of course I applied!

At the end of the day they tested us on the topics they just spoke about. I won an ESPNU iPod holder. yay!

We then went back behind building 5 for a cookout. A DJ from 93.7, a very popular radio station in the area, played music and we all ate, danced and won more free stuff from Howie. Then the Sportscenter anchors came out for the free food. They were mooching but it was cool. I recognized Scott Van Pelt...well not at the time, but I was told later who he was. Let's face it. I don't know who all these people are but I will learn. I actually think I'm at an advantage because I'm not freaking out when they walk into a room!

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