ESPN Rookie Camp day 1

Our first day consisted of shoving all 50 interns into a conference room and filling out paperwork. The usual! Then came the fun/dreaded ID picture taking. Some smiled, some were talking, some gave a blank stare waiting for the 1..2..3. I'm happy with the way mine turned out. Definitely happy to be here!

We then went on a 2 hour tour of ESPN. Joe Franco (coolest name ever) took my group. We took pictures on the various sets and the best by far was Sportscenter. They have one set dedicated only to Sportscenter while another set houses many shows. They lit up the set while we were standing there. It was magical.

After the tour we were all starving! The cafeteria here is perfect. It's not too expensive and the food is pretty good. Well most of the food. Their sides are not so much. I got fried rice once. Not again. Same with the fries. No-No. Pasta day makes me frolic.

After lunch I met most of the people I'll be working with. I also finally met Don! We have emailed and called so much so it was nice to put a face to a voice/email. They all seem like a lot of fun and very laid back.

Speaking of a face to a name, ESPN has this online system called "In the Know." Apparently it came out about 2 months before we came so it's pretty brand new. It's got every one's ID matter how bad...and their contact information. All of us interns got so excited when our pictures finally came up!

My email still isn't working...hopefully I'll figure that out soon!

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