Preparing for my LAST student film

How sad is the title of this post? Or is it super hopeful? I've been at USC for 3 years and my dad will kill me if I stay any longer... I mean, it's time for me to graduate! 

So, I'm preparing to direct my last student film. Thankfully "Volcano Girl" is acting as my thesis film, so this final project gets to be just fun. I am shooting with all friends, including the actors -- one is a fellow colleague of mine in film school, and I have always wanted to direct her in something...she's crazy good. And the other actress was a glorious find, and I'm sure I will use her again and again! 

Which brings me to a side point...I have LOVED every actor I worked with in film school!! Each one has been incredibly talented and wonderful to work did I get so lucky??

And back to my project. 

The film is called "Breakfast" and it's about two women on either side of the law and this is their final stand off. We learn throughout the 6 minute scene that they actually grew up together and had a falling out in high school.

I wrote it with a few friends in mind. I have a few friends from my past that I think about often and wonder how they are doing. So...what if one of them showed up outside of my house and wanted to kill me? Hmmmm...How would that conversation go?

This definitely has a bit of comedy. I actually tried to write it as an action/drama; but jokes kept pouring out of my head. I really can't get away from the jokes. So yeah, everything I write will be funny in some freakin way...

There will be guns, shooting, ricochet bullets, broken glass, stunts and a dog. Yes, a dog! He will get shot...but don't's all fake.

Not as big as Volcano Girl

The crew is a fraction of the crew on Volcano Girl. I can't tell you how spoiled I was on that project. And believe me, I knew I was spoiled at the time. I enjoyed it! 

So now, with a fraction of the crew, and a budget to match, we are still going to make a great product.

I'm super pumped!!


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  1. Let me congratulate you on your film project. You seem to be a very committed actress/director!
    I also believe you were lucky to have a great go with all the actors you worked with for your student films!

    I am a professional actor based in New York City.
    I also have a blog where I write on acting and anything else related to it. I was looking for followers and ran into your blog. I think you might be interested in what I write. If that is so, I’d be happy to have you as a follower to my blog, leaving comments anytime you would like to share some feedback.

    For the time being, good luck on your career in California. And happy graduation!!

    Jay Paoloni