Pioneers in Skirts heads to Washington, DC

The team behind Pioneers in Skirts™ was invited to attend The White House Summit on Working Families in Washington DC on June 23rd!

Producer, Lea-Ann Berst, will be attending as a "contributor," and I will be attending to cover the event. As a contributor, Lea-Ann will join panels and group discussions to share what we have learned while making Pioneers in Skirts. My role is to capture the discussion, the progress.

This is pretty cool, huh? Well, this event is a huge deal.

We've learned a lot about the challenges working women of today face. We've spoken to the topic experts who have explored the reasons for the slowed pace toward gender equity. We've spoken to ‘pioneers’ from around the country who can help define and reveal ways for women to overcome and achieve.

"Pioneers in Skirts" is a full feature national documentary that aims to answer the question, "What does it take for women to succeed in the workplace?" and this summit sponsored by the White House aims to propel a major step toward the answer.

White House Summit

From the Website: The White House Summit on Working Families will focus on strategies to ensure all members of our society have equal access to high-quality jobs. Of particular significance is the increasingly important role of women as breadwinners in working families. Topics will include key issues such as workplace flexibility, equal pay, workplace discrimination, worker retention and promotion, opportunities for low-wage workers, elder care, childcare, and early childhood education.

I am thrilled we are in the same room with these change-makers.
Attendees will be from women's groups representing the needs of working women and working mothers and families, but many are businesses and individuals - those who feel inclined to act on the changing times. Both men and women will be a part of the discussion because BOTH are equally responsible for creating workplaces that are thriving and competitive in today’s global economy.

This event is a discussion. It’s #timeforprogress.

We see that it is our job to then help implement some of those thoughts and ideas from the summit. Our goal for participating in the discussion is to make sure the story arc of our film captures the summit outcome when it pertains to women and their success in the workplace. The best of the best of those who have an opinion and have something to say will be there. We want to meet them!

I am bringing my gear - and the comfortable shoes - I am ready.

Now, we have to actually get ourselves to the event.

We didn't find out until Tuesday that we were invited to attend. So, needless to say, flights and hotels are not affordable with only a week to plan. To be honest, this trip is going to cost us $2,000+ and that's just travel and lodging. Welcome to the last minute travel of a filmmaker!

We are excited to attend and share what we've learned.

If you would like us to share our "Pioneers in Skirts" experiences in D.C. at the summit, we sure could use your help! Please take a moment to donate online here! Thank you!!

We see that we NEED to do this. We NEED to be a part of this discussion and put the concerns and learnings that arise during the event in the film. We NEED to discover those answers, those solutions, and share them with our country through the documentary.

We know that we are taking something current and giving it right back to the people who need it the most - today's working woman, our pioneering women. And we know what we've learned so far while making "Pioneers in Skirts" can add value to the summit discussions. We are honored to be there.

Pioneers in Skirts DC

Here's a screenshot from our interview with Joan Wages, the President and CEO of the National Women's History Museum, near the National Monument.

Be A Pioneer


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