On the set of an advanced USC directing project

"Helius" - USC Grad Advanced Directing Project

Kari Barber (left), a 5th semester graduate student, directs "Helius" for her 533 class. I was production sound for three days of the shoot. We shot the first 6 days of Spring Break in March.

Our first day was out in Palm Springs at a location that looked a lot like Iraq. We staged a shooting with both American soldiers and Iraqis. It was very realistic. Locals were calling the police even though we had signs posted everywhere saying we were a student film!

This is footage of an extra who just got shot. The RED camera is on a steadi-cam.

The second day was in the CBS backlot. It looks like a nice neighborhood, but the houses are either fake or full of offices. USC students often shoot here on weekends for free. They treat us incredibly well!

This is the "movie car" for Kari's film, "Helius." It is the main character's car.

Our third day was spent on another part of the CBS backlot - the NYC street. We staged a car accident in the distance for the main character to react to. I was an extra in the red car. I would press record on the sound mixer and then run to the car!

Anthony Grow was our production design guru. He did all of the make up, costuming and he set up this fake car accident. A fog machine placed just right made the car look like it was steaming. It looked amazing.

Anthony gave us all fake "Spring Break" tattoos. I was only able to keep mine for 24 hours because I got an internship the next day! I couldn't rock a fake tattoo my first week...

We shot on the RED camera, so the footage looks amazing. Congrats to Kari for a wonderful shoot!


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