NYC intern day

On Tuesday all the interns boarded a bus bound for the Big Apple. We split into two groups and took two separate buses. Our bus, of course, was the party bus. I broke out the videocamera for the first half of the ride. You can tell who loves the camera! Both George and Bobby were the hosts of the "Trip to NYC!" I videotaped for about 10 minutes the craziness then Cars was on so I had to stop and watch.

It was about 8:45am when the bus finally left ESPN. We arrived in the city at about 11:30am, jumped off and ran into ESPNZone because we were starving. But, oh no, the food was not first. Russel Wolfe, the Executive VP of ESPN International was our speaker. He was really cool. Oddly enough, when he was offered the job, he was asked to move to Hong Kong...sounds familiar? All my friends were turning and smiling because they knew my family lived in China, just like he did!

After Russel spoke, it was time for food. Unfortunately we only had an hour to eat, play video games, and check out NYC before the bus left at 2:30pm. A little unfair? I think so.

So we scarfed down food, even though it was so delicious and I wanted seconds, and ran upstairs to play. When we got up there, there was a ton of little kids on ALL of the games. We had to wait in line for every game. We played probably 4 games because we felt so rushed to move on to the ESPN store shopping and then possible NYC sightseeing. At 2:15pm we ran downstairs where I instantly found the ESPN shorts of my dreams. I found a jacket too, so if you see me sporting the ESPN gear, just say good job. 35% discount ya can't go wrong!

At 2:30pm we stood outside ready for the bus while the other interns who planned on staying in NYC were preparing to leave. At 3pm we were still standing and waiting. I could have been doing something cool rather than standing next to an old trash can for 1/2 an hour! If I didn't have to work really early on Wednesday...or if I wasn't sick...I would have stayed in NYC. But no, I was stuck standing on a street corner with 20 other interns waiting for the bus that would never come.

We eventually left at 3:15pm and arrived back in Bristol at 6:15pm.

We spent more time traveling than we did in NYC. That was my Tuesday. Don't get me wrong, I'm very appreciative of the event they planned for us, but I felt so rushed that I could not enjoy it.

Plus I was hungry the second I got off that bus so I clearly did not get enough food for lunch.

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