Not THE Jennifer

A few weeks ago, I received my graduation cap and tassel in the mail, but it didn't come with the charm/USC emblem thingy - technical term. So I had the task of calling. Yay! Tasks!

Side note -- Yes, I chose to own the cap & tassel but not the gown and hood for a Master's graduation. It was way too expensive to buy all three, so I simply rented. The cap was pricey too, so guess what graduation cap will be in all of my movies?? Woohoo! Even if no one is graduating, it will be just sitting the background...

Anyways -- So I called the two numbers that were offered on the order form. Someone who calls himself a "Sales Professional" and someone from USC, named Jennifer. The Sales Professional returned my call. Shocked that I didn't receive the emblem/charm thingy, he said I could simply pick it up at the school when I get all of my graduation material. So that was my answer, and I was fine.

But then Jennifer called me back about an hour later. No, not THE Jennifer supposedly. A stay at home mom named Jennifer (that's how she introduced herself). I guess the school accidentally put her phone number on the order form and sent it to EVERYONE who ordered graduation gear. And both women just so happened to be named Jennifer.

She told me she had been receiving calls for weeks and is returning those calls, so students know that she is not THE Jennifer. I asked if she had any affiliation with USC. She said nope, it's just her and her husband with two kids, and this was their cell phone number.

After laughing and saying thanks for calling me back, she gave me a big congratulations. "Congratulations on your graduation!" she said. She couldn't see my smile, but maybe my "Thank you" expressed how happy I was. "Have a good day," I said. "You too."

It was so cool. A huge congratulations from a complete stranger for graduating from school.

Thanks, Jennifer. 🙂

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