No time to SEE movies!

Our professors give us a hard time for not watching enough movies, especially the new ones out in theaters. "We need to do our research to discover techniques and stories we enjoy or can improve." I concur! But it's hard...

I am here to answer their concerns --

**We don't have the money because we're spending that money on our own films.**

**We don't have the time because we are making our own films.**

Both good

How can we change this?

SOLUTION: Give us free tickets to see movies. We can't all go to a Wednesday screening and never a Saturday screening. So please give us passes to films that we can use on our own time.

USC does give us opportunities to see movies on campus but it's usually during class, our only time to edit, or our only time to sleep...I do take advantage when I can, so thank you USC for doing this!!

MOVIE PROMOTERS: Student filmmakers are your BEST friends in promoting a new film. Give us tickets and we will Twitter, Facebook, Blog about your film. We will encourage others to go, especially if a free t-shirt is included in the mix...and the movie has to be good. I want free tickets - I'm not trying to sell out here.

Finally, I must explain our hesitation to run out and see movies. We don't have much time so we don't want to waste it. We all saw AVATAR and Paranormal Activity because we knew it was going to be good. I personally can't spend $12 each time I think a movie may be good, though. It's an investment for me, because it means I'll be eating PB & J's for a few lunches in exchange for the movie! Take that into consideration when expecting me to see a movie. Maybe a coupon for a free footlong sub? That way I can spend my money on the movie instead. Maybe...

As for watching movies at home, that can be done. Netflix and Hulu make that a lot easier. When we have a free afternoon, we'll put in a movie. But let's face it, nothing beats watching a movie in a theater. I realize this even more now that I am making higher quality movies!

There. I've solved the issue. Also, let us watch entire films in class rather than clips. My list of movies to watch is so long, can you please just help me out a little bit?

- AM

2 Responses

  1. Tis true. That’s the difference between makers and watchers. Crit studies provides watching. Though I love breaking down films, I prefer to make my own.

  2. I’m an aspiring novelist, and we get the same browbeating in our industry: support fellow writers! Buy books! Read what’s out there! Well, as you know, brand new hardcover books are expensive! And sometimes I get so burnt out writing my own book that I don’t want to go near someone else’s. I don’t think someone giving me free books will solve that dilemma, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.