My theory on dating…at UNC

** I wrote this my Sophomore year of college...most of the points still apply to the dating scene at UNC. I think my opinion on its importance has changed, though, since it's my senior year and I'm looking toward graduation rather than another year at UNC.**
It's impossible! I have come up with a few reasons based on conversations with many of my ladies:

1)Surplus of females.

Many of my ladies find this a problem. We feel that guys get this notion that they don't need to try to get a girl because there's always one out there who will date them or hook up with them. Girls have to dress differently and act differently to get that guy's attention over the hundreds of other cookie cutter girls. Some girls get "slutterized" while others just give up and turn lesbian...well, not really. I've asked, "what is it that makes one girl different over another?" Self Confidence. Okay. Then what?

2)Dealing with guys who only want to hook up

This is probably a direct result of reason #1. Everytime we (I) meet a guy, I think he only wants to hook up. It's hard for me to believe there are real feelings behind what he says. When he says "I like you," it means, "I want to get in your pants" and when he doesn't call the next day, it's because he didn't "get any." For all of you guys NOT like this, thank your fellow brothers for teaching us females to think this way.

3)Tired of dealing with it all

I never get tired of flirting, but I get tired of pursuing. Again probably another result of reason #1. There are so many options out there that no guy will want to settle! Our frustration has just made us tired. If a good guy does come along, we're too tired of dealing with the last one that we don't give this next one much attention.

4)We're all dealing with our own goals

If you're at UNC, then you have something to prove. You have aspiration. You worked your ass off to get here and to keep that GPA, and nothing or no one will keep you from reaching that diploma. We don't have enough time to put into a relationship. Dating cuts into our studying time. We forget to call until a week later, and then it's too late.

5) We HATE dating!

Hanging out is the way to go. As UNC students, we rarely get a free night to just chill. So why waste it on a stressful, awkward first date? Hanging out means you get to be with your friends and casually talk to this new person. If you hit it off, score. If not, you didn't completely waste an entire night. I mean you got to hang out with your friends...and probably drank. That's always good. But not good when you're actually trying to figure out if this person is relationship material. Which brings me to #6

6)Drinking when "hanging out"

Drinking impairs your judgement...not just in driving...but also in dating! I mean, we've all heard of beer goggles. This is why it's rare when a true relationship is developed from a meeting at a bar or a party. And EXTREMELY rare after a hook up. I feel that a guy doesn't really respect me if he tries to hook up with me right away. And respect is what women want.

These are a few of my theories. If you disagree, please tell me. I feel that a lot of the girls at UNC, including me, have been jaded by certain guys and have yet to meet the one that would change our minds.

No, this is not a plea to find true love. We're too busy for that.

** I definitely remember what was going on in my life when I wrote this. Now I'm more focused on career and grad school issues...because after graduation...I'm outta here!!! **

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