My asshole bar experience

Last night I went out with a few friends to He's Not. I had a blast there and saw more friends. Everything was great. Then we went to Goodfella's....

Don't get me wrong, I love Goodfella's. I go there all the time but this one particular experience was the worst. Everything bad happened at the same time. It was very overwhelming.

I went to the bar with a few friends of mine. Great guys. I saw another friend of mine...whose name will not be mentioned...and in his attempts to hug me, he hit me right in the face. I didn't really react because it didn't hurt, but his friend literally fell to the floor laughing, causing a huge scene. It wasn't embarrassing until that point. So I just walked away.

I walked over to my friend Will and we were in mid-conversation (I had just mentioned my frustrating experience) when his friend came up to us. His friend grabbed me by the face and pushed me away from Will. It was completely humiliating. I grabbed his hand and did not look happy. About a minute later I tried to make myself laugh at something in order to calm down. Will's friend looked at me and said, "You have a really pretty smile." I said, "thank you." He then said "But a small nose." I looked at both of them and said BYE.

I walked out of there incredibly pissed off and humiliated. One guy tried to be cute and tell me there was a toll to pass him. Once I got closer and he saw my face, he lowered his arms quickly and said "Wow, you don't care." I laughed because he was right.

My friends were at my house when I got back. They were waiting to sober up before they drove home. Luckily they were there so I could vent and chill out.

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  1. Jake

    See, I told you that you guys should have come to hang out at JD’s party. 🙂