Location scouting at Doc’s mansion

Production III, "546"

My third semester at USC is another heavy production semester. "546" or "Production III" is the last major production class before we produce our thesis (if we decide to do a thesis). I am doing sound on the project -- both production sound and post sound. It's one of the more intense roles in 546 so my partner and I are prepared for a crazy semester!

Location Scouting

The past two weeks, we were location scouting various areas to film our movie "Crushing Violet." We need a mansion to be the younger girl's parent's house. Our co-producer, Josh, introduced us to Doc's Mansion from "Back to the Future," also known as "The Gamble House."

The director, Joe, and I drove up and searched for the giant house. I screamed when we saw it -- it's definitely from the movie!

Doc's Mansion from "Back to the Future"

Joe, our director, is making sure Doc's Mansion will work for his vision of the movie.

The front door of Doc's Mansion - a bit blurry! Below is the photo of Marty entering the front door.

A screen shot from "Back to the Future."

Young Doc inside his mansion.

To the right of the mansion is its garage or Doc's workshop.

Front of Doc's workshop.

I found one video of the scene here.
Test Shooting

This upcoming weekend is our test shooting weekend. We will test this location as well as a few more for their lighting and sound needs, among other technical issues. This will be our first weekend working on set together as a team - should be a ton of fun!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey can I ask a random question, got this link from another page about applying to USC thought you may have some kind insights?

    Question 1. Phone interview…Did they call you for an informal interview. I am being interviewed by all the schools i applied to but haven’t recieved a call for the “notorious informal phone interview”. Applied to all the tops but usc is my top did you get one of these calls? If so when? (they should be coming in around now for this application cycle so im worried.

    Question 2: What discipline are you? Is it really so competitive to direct at USC?

    Best and thanks Rick

  2. Wow! I love that house!! I was just thinking about that the other day. If you need any Arts & Crafts period home decor, just call!