Keeping cool in Los Angeles

Keeping cool in 100 degree weather without air conditioning has been tough. On Friday I sat on the couch with two fans blowing on me and a wet wash cloth on my forehead while I tried to write. I met my roommate, Barb, out for dinner so that I could experience Air Conditioning in my car and in the restaurant.

Saturday I went mildly insane and had to get out of the house. I drove all the way to Target and realized I didn't have my wallet! So I came back, grabbed the wallet and drove to a restaurant called "Grinder." I had great food, got all of my work done, and befriended some police officers. When I left the restaurant my car got violently attacked by a bird. A guy walked by and rescued this damsel in distress. I told him getting rid of that bird was his good deed of the day.

I went home, tried to chill out a bit longer and then went to our friend Joel's birthday party.

Sunday I sat in front of a fan for hours and went shopping in air conditioned stores. It was nice! Last night, though, the weather was very different. There was no wind, which means no breeze coming into the apartment. It was quite stagnant. I looked at a thermometer in my room and it read 85 degrees. Terrible!!

The fire out here is not exactly helping. All we smell and see is smoke. We have a few friends that live near the fire and have been told they may need to evacuate. So far, everyone is okay but it doesn't exactly help our temperature with that smoke in the air.

Here are a few pictures Erika Edgerely took while driving toward our friend Ian's house:

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