Last night Kaustic played a show at the Local 506, a great venue for up and coming bands. John Loos, a friend of mine, is the lead singer of the band and got everyone hyped for the event. At about 10:30pm, I showed up with a friend, Katy, and saw the whole Bluelite crew. These are guys I work with on a Student Television comedy show called "The Bluelite District." These group of guys are probably the funniest at UNC. I'm just sayin. I screamed out how famous John was as he left to set up for the show. We drank and talked until we heard John's serene voice yelling "check" into the mike. I went to their rehearsal once a few months ago with Allison Badea, their promotional developer, but cannot really remember all the songs. It came back to me as the show started. Each band mate was dressed in a white tee, except for John who was clearly wearing one under his sweatshirt. But he would not give us the glory of White Tee Sunday. Thanks John. The band played about seven songs. And Bryce's guitar messed up seven times as well. But each time he went to fix his guitar gave John another opportunity to promote the Kaustic gear, which I so wonderfully walked over and pretended to buy. Leland and I had an entire act together of me purchasing a shirt. It was grand. At the end of the show, John announced his party and everyone got excited. All in all, a good show.

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