“Jesus” showed me the way

Saturday night, I went to my friend's stand up show at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. 

The comedy scene in LA is intense. Based on my experience working the Comedy Festival at UNC years ago, I know how scary it can be to get on stage and tell jokes. Now, think about doing that in front of the best comics all vying for the same position in Los Angeles? You've got to be funny!

So when my friend, Sam Stevens, told me he officially decided to pursue stand up comedy, I knew I wanted to support him.

THE Sam Stevens telling jokes.

One day, I hope to have the guts he has to be a stand up comic, but until then, I'll be the friend laughing the loudest! 

 Here's @TheoVon - We follow each other on Twitter, but I don't think we've actually met in person, and he ran out before I could say hi. Is that weird? I actually have a few Twitter-friends. It's a good community.

Wait, Ashley, the header says something about "Jesus?"

Yes, yes...I'm getting to that. 

After watching about 20 comics, including Sam, it was getting pretty late. Most of my friends left already, leaving me and 2 others. It was 1:30am and no one was left in the audience. I felt really bad leaving, but my parking lot was going to close for the night, so I had to run to get my car. I said my goodbyes and left the room.

The Comedy Store is one of the most confusing places I have ever been. There are about 5 different entrances that lead to about 10 different rooms (I think). So, needless to say, I got lost leaving.

I somehow ended up in a kitchen. I saw our waitress, joking with the other wait staff, but no one seemed to notice me or my lost eyes searching. I had no idea where to go.

Then came Jesus. Yes, Jesus. Hollywood Jesus to be exact. I had seen him before on Hollywood Boulevard and in many student films and music videos. He was pseudo-famous.

Hollywood Jesus on Hollywood Boulevard

 Hollywood Jesus likes coffee.

He showed me the way...to my car.

He said to me, "Are you lost my child?"

I thought, yep, this is happening -- so I played along.

Me: Yes, how do I get out of here?

Jesus: Why, where would you like to go?

Me: Leave. I would like to leave. (insert nervous laughter)

He took me to a swinging door, opened it for me and very gracefully presented the exit.

Jesus: There you are, my child.

Me: Yes, thank you!

And I left -- not without running into a bunch of people that looked at me like I was crazy. Was I crazy because I was talking to Jesus? Or was I crazy because I was wearing a sweet Southern girl outfit late at night? I obviously looked like a tourist...

Anywho -- so that was my Jesus experience. I guess it was one of those "You should have been there" experiences, but hey, at least you know to look out for a man dressed as Jesus!

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