It was only 11am

Friday morning I drove my mom to the eye doctor so she could pick up her new glasses. When we left, I started my car and the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. We had just got the car back from the mechanic the day before so this made us nervous. My mom told me to go straight to the mechanic so he could see what was wrong.

As we were driving, I noticed the speedometer no longer showed how fast I was going. It was stuck at zero. My mom told me to stay in the right lane and not brake if needed because the car may stall out. Just as she told me to be more careful a car decided to brake at a green light! I freaked out a bit because of course I had to slam on my brakes.

Once we got to our mechanic, Wicker's Garage, Tim looked at the car. All he did was change a water pipe the day before so the problem was not something he did. Another guy came to help and he couldn't figure out what was wrong either. So Tim told my mom and I to call my dad to come get us because he would need to look at the car a bit longer.

We had about 20 - 25 minutes to kill so we decided to walk to the corner and go to a coffee shop or restaurant. Tim said there was a coffee shop near the corner so we left .

Carrying all of our belongings, we walked along the busy street. We did not see the coffee shop so we went inside a BP Station to ask for directions. The man was no help at all. He was telling us locations that we could clearly see through the window. We said "Have a nice day" and walked out.

As we left the BP Station, I saw a Sonic so we went there. Just as my mom and I received our food and started eating, my dad drove up.

He yelled out, "You sure picked a great place to eat!"
We said, "What? What are you talking about?"
He yelled, "The BP's got cop cars all around it!"
We said, "What??!!"
He yelled, "Yeah, they just got robbed!!"

My mom and I sat staring at each other in mid chew. We were in a state of shock! We had been in the BP Station only 5 minutes earlier. We thought the guy must have waited for us to leave before robbing the place...or the robber may have showed up right after we left. First we wondered if the man was okay...then we started to imagine what if? What if we were in there! I had all of my very expensive editing equipment with me...and my mom had her brand new glasses.

It was a strange day and it was only 11am.

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