It was an Icy Situation

This morning marks the best morning I have ever had at UNC. Why you ask? Because more people fell or slipped than ever before in the history of UNC. And I was one of those people.

After North Carolina received the "Storm of the Century" on Saturday, snow and ice lingered throughout the weekend until today. This morning, ice remained, unbeknownst to us innocent school children.

I left my apartment about 45 minutes before class so I could get some work done and prepare for the day. Little did I know the next 30 minutes were going to be an adventure in the arctic tundra.

Simply walking on the sidewalk was an enormous task. I found myself slowly sliding to the street whenever I landed on an inclined section of the sidewalk. Eventually I caught on and walked in the street or on the grass. But on Franklin, there is neither. A man fell straight to his behind 2 feet in front of me. I asked if he was alright and let him frolic away in embarrassment. I should have followed his example of walking next to the buildings...where the ground was dry...but I continued on my destructive path down the middle of the sidewalk.

Let's just say, today was the day to wear ice skates to class. Entire sheets of ice shielded the walk way from our already dull shoes. I found myself slipping every other step. I walked toward a hill....again...what was I thinking?? I saw a girl coming toward me who slipped and glided down the hill. So I braced myself and continued upward only to slide right back down. Tried again only to simply watch my feet remain stationary while my body did not. I inched my way to the side of the sidewalk and walked the rest of the way to campus on plants and dirt.

Once I got to campus I knew I could walk in the street or grass most of the way. Except for one problem. I chose the walkway between Memorial Hall and Phillips Hall...complete brick. Another sheet of ice stared back at me, same as before. So I braced myself and slid from one pound of dirt to another. A girl walking near me joined me in the search for non-slick surfaces. We became friends.

I made it to the Pit and found my friend Jenni. I was happy to let out a sigh of frustration because there was someone I knew sharing my experience. She told me how a girl was sliding towards the Pit and could not stop herself. The girl just braced herself to fall into the Pit. That would have been funny to see.

As I entered the library, another student came gliding towards me as if he were wearing ice skates. Cool.

When I left the library, sand covered the bricks. The fun was over.

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