Interviewed on “Kick In”

Last week, I drove to a little town outside of North Hollywood to be interviewed on "Kick In," a show devoted to promoting fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter and IndiGoGo. 

Sam Proof, the producer of "Kick In," invited me to come on their show and talk about the "Volcano Girl" fundraising campaign on Kickstarter as well as my experience and my goals for the campaign. (the link to the interview is at the bottom of this blog entry)

 Screenshot from the live broadcast. Keziah, my interviewer, tried on the Volcano Girl mask and felt the power!  

I was nervous.

I was very nervous, so I tried not to think too much about the interview - I did not want to psych myself out! Oddly enough, I am used to talking in front of large crowds of people - it's easier to judge how you are doing. If a joke does not make them laugh, then you move on. If everyone starts shifting in their seats or looking at their watches, then it's time to wrap up.

But talking to just one interviewer in front of a camera? That's terrifying! Let's not forget that I have chosen the part of the industry that is BEHIND the camera.

The lens of a camera is the most daunting creature. It just stares at you, daring you to entertain. 

I brought swag.

I wasn't sure how long the interview would be, so I brought the original Volcano Girl mask as well as the huge poster from the IMAX screening in July -- all in hopes of showing how awesome it would be to donate to our campaign and be a Fire Starter! If I only had a few minutes to talk, then at least the visual would be awesome.

I turned red. 

I arrived at their studio, and soon after, we sat in front of the camera for the interview. Did I turn noticeably red on camera? That's for you to discover...I sure felt it.

There were a few moments where, in the moment, I felt like I paused for hours. Fortunately, you can't tell when you actually watch the video. I did at one point entirely lose my train of thought, though, so that wasn't cool. All in all, it was a nice time. Keziah, my interviewer, made me feel very relaxed, and we had a good time!


I do hope to better my skills in front of the camera, though - for the small chance that Oprah will come out of retirement and interview me. Until then, I loved working with Keziah and Sam for "Kick In!"

LINK to the interview! 

Click on the photo below (or here) to link to their site and play the video.

Before you go, though, please note the following: 

1. Start the video but do not be shocked when after 2 seconds it goes to an advertisement. It kind of just jumps to one without giving you a heads up.
2. The Volcano Girl trailer is very jumpy and hard to understand -- that is NOT your internet acting up! Wait until about 1:15 - that's when my interview comes up and the video is easier to understand. Want to see the Volcano Girl trailer crisp and clear? Click here.
3. Don't try to skip ahead/fast forward. Their player is very finicky and sometimes will allow you to jump around, and sometimes will start over at the beginning. Just refresh the page if it gives you issues.
4. "Interviewer Bonny Pierzina" is a left over title card from the interview before me. You will soon see both my name and Keziah's.

Sidenote -- if you need a host, hire Keziah! She made me feel so comfortable and we had a great time!!

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